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SauVage: Tickets Please - Gay DVD

SauVage, Tickets Please

There are plenty of iconic train journeys to be enjoyed – a trip on the Orient Express to Istanbul or the Trans-Siberian railway across Russia – but nothing can compare to this spunk-laden adventure. Dick Casey, Yuri Adamov, Sam Williams and Benjamin Dunn are just some of the hyper-horny passengers who are all on a one-way ticket to cock heaven, as raw twink ass after raw twink ass arrive at dick central! So tickets please, gentlemen and prepare for the ride of your lives!

Scene 1: Missing The Train Proves To Be A Boon For Two Cock-Hungry, Cum-Loving Army Boys!

Starring: Dick Casey, Yuri Adamov
Also available: Young, Dumb & Splattered In Cum (6 Scene Compilation DVD)

SauVage, Tickets Please

Is there anything that pisses you off more than missing your train? Certainly military-attired buddies, Yuri Adamov and Dick Casey, are not too best pleased when they realise that they’ve done just that, rushing onto the station platform just a few seconds too late! Still, they’re a resourceful pair of fuckers; and, noting that they’ve got a little time to kill before they can resume their journey, they decide to head to a nearby outhouse to enjoy some private time together.

Which, of course, when you’re a couple of horny porn stars means stripping out of your clothes so that you can suck and fuck each other senseless! But what else would you expect from these two beauties? Suffice it to say that it’s not very long at all before Adamov is down on his knees and giving Casey’s aching ramrod the kind of attention that it deserves; before Casey returns the attention by fingering his buddy’s ass-hole, gaping it wide open for the camera in the process.

Indeed, Adamov’s pucker is quite literally screaming out for action long before his mate finally sticks his dick where it belongs – signalling the start of a wild, passionate coupling that will almost certainly have you reaching for your own boner for a tight-fisted workout! Adamov’s hole definitely gets the kind of stretching that it deserves courtesy of Casey’s butt-picker; and it comes as little surprise when he squirts a handsome wad of boy-juice whilst riding the thick, meaty shaft. That leaves Casey the honour of spraying his load into his pal’s open mouth, coating the horny little twink’s pretty face with cum in the process!

Scene 2: Two Horny Railway-Navvies Get Down & Dirty In A Cock-Sucking, Cum-Spurting Fuck-Fest!

Starring: Benjamin Dunn, Sam Williams
Also available: Big Boys Don't Cry (2 DVD Compilation)

SauVage, Tickets Please

Everyone loves a dirty man – and they don’t come any dirtier than the guys who work on the railways. As ably demonstrated here by Sam Williams and Benjamin Dunn, two very sexy guys (as we surely all already know), who can’t wait to strip out of their standard-issue dungarees so that they can explore the fine expanse of smooth, hairless flesh that lies beneath. Indeed, it’s hard to decide which of these fabulous studs is the hornier of the two, as they both take it in turns to feast and slurp on the handsome rods that are very quickly exposed.

First Williams sucks Dunn, then Dunn sucks Williams; then the two buddies take full advantage of one of the engine-room’s work-pits to repeat the exercise once again. Indeed, it’s difficult to decide from watching this pair of hyper-sexed workers as to who will eventually succumb to the ultimate temptation and play out the role of cock-crazed bottom. In the end, however, that particular honour goes to Williams; whilst Dunn hammers home full advantage courtesy of a whole range of ass-splitting positions.

It’s enough to send even the most self-restrained of porn fans (if there’s such a person!) into a dick-tugging frenzy; and by the time Dunn creams the contents of his comparatively hair-free balls over his mate’s expectant lips there’s every possibility that a whole tsunami of hot jizz will have been spilled in appreciation. No question about it, folks, you are never gonna look at the guys who work on the railways the same again!

Scene 3: Train-Spotting Chavs Head For To The Urinals For Some Flip-Flopping, Spunk-Inducing Fun!

Starring: Oscar Hart, Ryan Olsen
Also available: Cock Lovin' Deviants (Compilation)

SauVage, Tickets Please

Some boys like to indulge in a bit of class when it comes to meeting up for sex, but clearly neither Oscar Hart or Ryan Olsen are in that category of guy. For having met up one evening at a station in Prague, the two fellows head straight for some nearby urinals – and let’s be honest here, they’re not desperate for a piss! In fact, the only urge these two scallies have is the urge for cock – and hard cock at that!

Fortunately for them both, these two beauties are more than equipped to satisfy the desires of the other; and before you know it Hart is descending to his knees, unzipping Olsen’s dungarees and feasting on the thick, meaty shaft that is already pounding away inside! A move that’s soon being eagerly replicated by Olsen himself; before Hart proceeds to give his buddy’s ass the kind of rigorous rimming that we’d surely all like our mates to provide! Especially – as in this case – it results in getting a fabulous length of raw cock being thrust inside your guts.

Mind, if there’s something that young Hart enjoys almost as much as banging a horny, lubed-up ass-hole, it’s getting his own horny, lubed-up ass-hole banged in return – a point that he’s only too willing to demonstrate here. One minute he’s balls-deep in Olsen’s pucker; the next he’s riding Olsen’s shaft balls-deep in return! And with all this flip-flopping fuckery, it’s little surprise that both lads are soon brimming at the point of ecstasy – each spewing a fabulous wad of creamy, pent-up nad-juice as a first-class finale to their antics. Train-spotting has never looked quite so much cum-inducing fun!

Scene 4: Hot, Horny Blond Twink Gets Spit-Roasted & Creamed By His Big Dicked Workmates!

Starring: Nathan Dale, Oscar Hart, Shane Barret
Also available: Big Fat, Thick & Juicy (2 DVD set)

SauVage, Tickets Please

Ever wondered why the trains never seem to run on time and are constantly blighted by delays and cancellations? Well, it’s because the guys who conduct all the engineering work that’s necessary for the system to work are way too busy drinking coffee and – in this instance at least – sucking cock! Or at least that’s the impression you get when young bottle-blond, Nathan Dale, encounters the hunky Shane Barret during the course of a work-break.

In fairness, of course, it’s quite understandable as to why the youngster should be so utterly distracted by his handsome colleague – let’s face it, who wouldn’t find themselves at least just a little overwhelmed by Barret’s toned physique and generously sized dick? But even so there’s no understating the lad’s response, which quickly involves deep-throating Barret’s ramrod; before lying himself out on a nearby desk to enjoy the fucking of a lifetime! Indeed, given the manner with which Dale’s cock quite literally dribbles with pre-cum during the course of his buggering, it’s clear that this is one very happy little twink!

Not that the fellow’s pleasure ends there. Having then sat upon and ridden Barret’s thick, meaty shaft, the young man finds himself with almost more cock than he knows what to do with when Oscar Hart unexpectedly enters the room. It’s an entrance that quickly results in Dale enjoying a very vigorous spit-roasting; before Hart promptly spews the contents of his balls all over the bottom’s cute young face. A move that is very quickly matched by Barret fucking the spunk out of his pal, before creaming his mouth!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 100 mins, Year: 2015

Price: Around £20*

Starring: Johny Cruz, Dick Casey, Yuri Adamov, Alan Benfelen, Sam Williams, Ivo Thomas, Kevin Tod, Andrea Suarez

Director: John Smith

Studio: SauVage Movie

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Gay Video On Demand: SauVage, See also:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with english subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Available from SauVage: Running Mates
SauVage, Running Mates

Finding the resolve to keep fit can be hard at times, especially when you’re going solo. The solution? Find yourself a running mate – someone who can go the pace with you or even push you to another level. And if they’re willing to suck cock and fuck ass three-times daily (or more), so much the better! In fact, screw the conventional exercises – as the likes of Carl Ross, Sven Laarson and Yuri Adamov are only too eager to demonstrate, when it comes to maintaining fitness levels there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned fuck-and-run!

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Available from SauVage: Twink Massage Dreams 2
SauVage, Twink Massage Dreams 2

The art of massage gets a second kinky twist as another collection of hyped-up horny lads take the opportunity to rub down – not to mention rub up! – some of the hottest guys in the biz. Mike James, Sam Williams and Arthur Kral join the delicious top-notch credentials of Shane Barret to ensure that no tight muscle goes unrelieved – big, uncut cocks included! Whether the antics here are testimony to what goes on in private at your local masseur parlour is anyone’s guess. What we can say for certain, however, is that (once again) not a single inch of flesh fails to be de-stressed – or a single dick goes undrained!

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Available from SauVage: Twink Massage Dreams
SauVage, Twink Massage Dreams

For some, it’s just the opportunity to relax. For others, it’s the chance to get their hands on some ripe male flesh. But for these horny young twinks it’s both these things and much, much more, as the art of massage goes to a whole new dirty level. Ennio Guardi, Orlando White and STAXUS new hottie, Sig Sinclair, lead the charge as “innocent” fondling quickly develops into something much more electric! For these filthy-minded twinks won’t ever be happy until every drop of spunk has been massaged out of every cock they encounter!

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