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SauVage: Shore Leave - Gay DVD

SauVage, Shore Leave


Calling all able seamen – or should that be able semen? Battlecruiser STAXUS has docked in port and has discharged a collection of the horniest, cutest navy cadets for your immediate attention!
Guys like John Parker, Kamyk Walker and coverboy officer, Orlando White, whose only ambition is to seek out and engage the hardest cock and the hottest ass around. Totally raw, totally hardcore, this is exactly the kind of shore leave that every navy boy dreams about. No question about it, life in service has never looked so fuckin' appealing!

Scene 1: Hot Navy Ass Gets Fucked Hard & Raw Thanks To Thick Twink Cock!

Starring: Kamyk Walker and Jay Osbourne
Also available: Mega Cocked, Mega Loaded 2 (Compilation)

SauVage, Shore Leave

Who on earth in their right mind could ever resist a young cutie in his traditional blue and white naval costume? Not Jay Osbourne, that’s for fucking sure, when he meets up with Kamyk Walker in a seaport bar. Seconds on from first meeting Walker in his regalia, Osbourne is flashing his come-to-bed eyes and getting all the right signals in return.

Indeed, it’s no time at all before the lads are busy getting to know each other much, much better – and believe us, it doesn’t seem to involve anything in the way of small talk! Fact is, Osbourne’s soon got his mouth way too full of hard cock to be passing idle banter; and it’s no time at all before the young seadog is returning the favour by feasting on his new-found pal’s generously sized uncut ramrod! A salty-aired slut like Walker isn’t really going to be satisfied, however, until his hungry little ass is getting the raw hammering that it was surely built for, and needless to report he’s soon taking every thick inch that Osbourne can thrust in his direction.

A move that serves as the proverbial starting pistol for a sensuous, unbridled session of hot bareback sex, that culminates in Walker spewing over his own belly before getting his angelic face splattered in hot cum! As an ad for navy life it’s top-notch material!

Scene 2: Horny Officer Gives His Bitch The Full Length Of His Oversized Raw Dick!

Starring: Orlando White, Tom Nutt

SauVage, Shore Leave

Young Tom Nutt has never been able to resist a man in uniform – actually, as we all know, he’s a total slut and has never been able to resist a man full-stop! – whilst Orlando White has never been able to resist a guy when he’s worse for drink.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that this pair of top-notch fuckers are over each other like a bad case of measles from the very moment that Officer White stumbles into his room with a bottle of booze in his hands – in fact, Nutt’s stripping the fellow’s uniform off and is feasting on his dick almost before White knows what’s happening to him! Not that the naval man is in any way less enthusiastic, it must be said. Indeed, given the manner with which he savours and prolongs his own intimate face-to-face encounter with Nutt’s dick you’d be more than forgiven for wondering which one of these boys loves cock the most.

Nevertheless, it’s Nutt who eventually takes on the role of scene bitch, riding White’s oversized raw ramrod like the complete whore we all love him to be and allowing his ass to be used and abused just the way he always wants it. It’s no wonder, therefore, when his sac finally yields its heavy load; followed by White busting his own nut seconds on. The end result? Total satisfaction guaranteed!

Scene 3: Navy Officer Dickey Drops Anchor In Horny Brad Fitt’s Raw Ass!

Starring: Brad Fitt and Damien Dickey
Also available: Now That What I Call Staxus 1 (2 DVD set)

SauVage, Shore Leave

Damian Dickey’s looking just that little bit older than he used to, but if anything the world’s horniest twink, Brad Fitt, appears to love the said fellow all the more because of it. Let’s be perfectly honest though, what isn’t there to like about Dickey’s fabulously toned body, complete with its six-pack abs and trademark tattoos? Indeed, from the very moment the officer walks into the club that Fitt is working in, the young cutie is agog with desire and jumping onto the bar in order to get the guy’s attention.

Something that he gains with spades – and, given the raging hard-on that Fitt has straining from his groin, is it really any wonder? Why, Dickey’s slurping on that thick, hairless knob pretty much before you have chance to catch breath! It’s a move that’s soon being replicated by the younger lad in return, though Fitt’s ultimate ambition (as always) is to enjoy the feel of hard dick in his ass. And that’s a wish that’s all-too-quickly granted, as Dickey proceeds to use that generously-sized uncut knob of his to bang away at Fitt’s ass-hole in a succession of positions.

All captured in filthy close-up detail, and culminating in Fitt squirting over his own belly and Dickey pumping a fine wad of jizz into his compatriot’s mouth. All a little kinky – but still fuckin’ hot!

Scene 4: Horny Little Dick-Whore Blond Gets A Raw Spit-Roasting On A Pool Table!

Cast: Xander Hollis, John Parker and Alex Candy
Also available: Bareback Butt Stretchers 2 (2 DVD set)

SauVage, Shore Leave

Having probably spent weeks or possibly even months out at sea, it’s not at all surprising that guys in the navy eventually return to port feeling as horny as fuck and ready for action. So it’s no wonder that Xander Hollis and John Parker make the most of their encounter with Alex Candy when the three guys meet up over a game of pool.

Fact is, there isn’t so much time for even a single frame with these boys – Hollis and Parker are literally feasting on the landlubber from the very first moment, and there’s actually less than four minutes on the clock when Parker first thrusts his thick, meaty, uncut shaft deep into Candy’s hungry little asshole! From thereon in, Candy plays the part of total cock-slut with the kind of gusto that we know our fans are just gonna go wild about; as the two sailors proceed to spit-roast the fellow in a succession of kinky positions over the baize. And all totally bareback!

Suffice it to say that the young blond bottom really earns every penny – not least of all when his face gets splattered with hot jizz courtesy of the two sailors. He’s an utter whore from start to finish; and by the time Candy himself has added to the cascade of spunk on offer the table’s green cloth has gained a distinct hint of creamy white. All in all, bloody brilliant!

Scene 5: Cute Cock-Crazed Scoundrels Get All Fucked Up & Totally Spunked Out!

Starring: Blake Hanson, Connor Levi

SauVage, Shore Leave

With his slim, lithe frame, eagle tattoo and deliciously upturned uncut dick, it’s pretty obvious from the off that newbie porn star, Blake Hanson, is gonna be a definite hit with our fans. What’s more, he’s clearly an undeniable hit with young Connor Levi – at least if this terrific set-piece is anything to go by.

Waking up next to the fellow – or should we say waking up on top of him?! – Levi’s quickly smooching the face off his new-found buddy; and it’s not long before both these horny cock-lovin’ scoundrels are slurping on each other’s shafts as if their next pay-cheque depends on it. Which, come to think of it, it does! Not that a dick-crazed urchin like Levi is ever gonna be truly content until his hungry little ass is getting a well-deserved pounding. Fortunately for him, Hanson’s just the kind of hyper-paced fucker to fulfil such desires, and it’s no time at all before the new kid on the block is thrusting his ramrod deep into Levi’s pucker.

The result is a fabulous hardcore session of man-sex that’ll have you jerking off with much the same kind of vigour as both these lads demonstrate towards the scene’s finale – all culminating in creamy, pent-up climaxes that leave the boys splattered with copious amounts of jizz! Your reaction to their antics is likely to be very similar!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 96 mins, Year: 2013

Price: Around £27.50*

Starring: Tom Nutt, John Parker, Brad Fitt, Xander Hollis, Kamyk Walker, Alex Candy, Oscar Hart, Orlando White, Blake Hanson

Director: John Smith

Studio: SauVage Movie

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Gay Video On Demand: SauVage, See also:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with english subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Available from SauVage: Fire In The Hole
SauVage, Fire In The Hole

Firemen (understandably) have a reputation for all sorts of heroics, but believe us when we tell you that when it comes to this bunch of dishy dudes it’s not so much rescuing pussies stuck in trees that passes the time as getting their dicks firmly stuck in some cute twink’s ass! A mission that they embrace with all the gusto imaginable – proving (once again) that, when it comes to the hose-wielding heroes of Prague Central, the fireman’s lot is one cum-dousing hoot! Big dicks, all-too-willing holes and gallons of pent-up jizz make this a top-notch must-see!

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Available from SauVage: Paint It Bareback
SauVage, Paint It Bareback

Painting can be such a relaxing pastime – a means of escaping the everyday pressures of life. But it can clearly also drive some young guys into a sexual frenzy, as this art-school of debauched, cock-crazed artists ably demonstrates. Xander Hollis, Milan Sharp, Dick Casey and the gorgeous Orlando White are just some of the breathtaking beauties on show, as Picasso’s blue period makes way for the STAXUS red-hot raw period...

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Available from SauVage: Shore Leave
SauVage, Shore Leave

Calling all able seamen – or should that be able semen? Battlecruiser STAXUS has docked in port and has discharged a collection of the horniest, cutest navy cadets for your immediate attention! Guys like John Parker, Kamyk Walker and coverboy officer, Orlando White, whose only ambition is to seek out and engage the hardest cock and the hottest ass around. Totally raw, totally hardcore, this is exactly the kind of shore leave that every navy boy dreams about.

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Available from SauVage: Symphony 69
SauVage, Symphony 69

Ludwig van Beethoven managed only nine symphonies, but for this horny bunch of sluts it seems that 69 is a much more appropriate number. Not that time on the piano features too heavily – and no fuckin’ wonder given all the hard dick on parade. Thick uncut organs of the carnal kind, courtesy of the likes of Justin Conway and Milan Sharp; which are soon filling and fucking every cute twink ass around.

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