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Staxus: SkyBall A XXX Parody - Gay DVD

Staxus, Skyball

Hot and horny Brit lad, Luke Desmond, is a man on a mission – a secret mission, which he undertakes with the kind of testosterone-fuelled fury that you’d expect from a lad with a cock like his. Talk about big!

Staxus, Skyball

This special agent needs a special licence for a weapon of those proportions, and what’s more he’s never afraid to use it in the service of Queen and country. No hungry pucker is safe, as Desmond leaps to action Skyfall-style to rescue us from the perils of non-descript porn in this ass-stretching, spunk-splattered fantasy!

Scene 1: Luke Desmond, Connor Levi

Staxus, Skyball

It might require a certain suspension of disbelief to convince yourself that Luke Desmond is a secret British agent and that Connor Levi – a comely blond twink – is a centrepiece of official intelligence, but ignore the clearly tight budget and you have the makings here of a fun, carefree escapade between two sweet young guys who clearly just wanna please. Levi, in particular, seems more than quietly enamoured with the handsome mating equipment that he discovers in the depths of Desmond’s suit, diving headfirst into a deep-throated appreciation of the oversized uncut ramrod. Indeed, it’s not long before the pretty-boy, doe-eyed beauty is laid out on his back on the table, feasting his ass-hole on every damnable inch that Desmond can thrust his way. Not that a simple missionary fuck is going to satisfy the urges of this twinkle-toed whore. Before you know it he’s going at it cowboy-style on the agent’s lap, proving once again in the process that when it comes to free-wheeling fornication there’s nothing like a brainless blond to give full-headed satisfaction. A point underlined when Luke dumps the contents of his donkey-sized knob all over Connor’s tattooed chest.

Scene 2: Luke Desmond, Aaron Aurora

Staxus, Skyball

The continual threat of assassination is not something that would rest easy on the minds of most of us, but for secret British agent Luke Desmond it’s clearly all part of the course. Even a stay in a luxury hotel doesn’t give this fellow the chance to let his guard down – and the vigilance is well rewarded when he thwarts an attempt on his life by uber cock-tease and “homme fatale”, Aaron Aurora. Not that you’d ever suspect a guy as cute as Aurora of being the sort of chap who’d strangle you with his trouser belt as soon as look at you, but then of course that’s all part of the course in the murky world of espionage – a fact that no-one appreciates more than Desmond, who’s onto his would-be killer in a flash and has that monstrous cock of his down Aurora’s throat even before his assailant knows what’s happened. Indeed, it’s not very long before Aurora is facing the prospect of riding that very same uncut butt-picker with his ass, followed by a session with a big black dildo – tasks that the lad undertakes with characteristic gusto! Suffice it to report that it’s not very long at all before both dudes are dumping satisfying loads of pent-up jizz for the camera in response!

Scene 3:

Staxus, Skyball

The world of international espionage can sometimes seem mysterious and even a little bit sexy, but there’s no denying the fact that it can also be extremely dangerous – as young Kai Alexander discovers when he’s confronted by two secret agents in search of top-level information. Guys who will stop at nothing to get what they want, which in this instance means bundling Alexander into a rather grubby little alley and subjecting him to a very personal “investigation”. As it happens, mind, the two assailants – Kyle Dickson and Sean Davoy – are not the kind of lads you’d particularly object to taking an interrogation from. Davoy, in particular, is a well-toned, dark-haired lad with a nice looking cock. As such it’s quite understandable that Alexander adopts the passive role, taking every hard inch that his assailants can thrust in his direction. The sight of him being brutally spit-roasted is an unarguable highlight; but it’s the overall sense of sordidness that really gives the action a keenly felt buzz. Needless to say it’s not at all long before both Dickson and Savoy are taking turns to whitewash the bottom’s pale torso with jizz; leaving Alexander to crudely toss himself off.

Scene 4:

Staxus, Skyball

You don’t have to be a special agent to realise that a scene featuring this pair of horny young fuckers is almost certainly going to be one to remember for all the very best reasons: Luke Desmond, a fine, mega-hung stud, and Skylar Blu, a comely twink whose only reason for existence could very well be his innate desire to accommodate and please. Mind, with the action now having switched to the Czech Republic it’s only fitting that the level of eroticism appears to have been knocked up a notch; as Desmond follows Blu across Prague to visit a local club so as to indulge in a sordid session of cock-tag. No question about it, each of these perfectly formed beauties is in tip-top form as they take turns to feast of each other’s handsome, uncut dicks; with a difference only finally emerging when Blu pushes his bubble-butt in Desmond’s direction as an open invitation to take his pucker there and then. It’s a crude, primeval calling, and one that Blu doesn’t have to repeat, culminating in the hungry bottom taking every inch of Desmond’s ramrod on the club’s bar. Pity the poor sods drinking next day from the spot that Blu christens; or where he takes a full-on, chin-dripping facial!

Scene 5:

Staxus, Skyball

Mission complete, and as everyone knows, now’s the time for the hero of the hour to be given his reward – which in this particular instance means Luke Desmond enjoying the undivided attention of Connor Levi and Kai Alexander. To say that this pair of dirty-minded sluts are game for an ass-splitting session of cock fun is to understate the obvious – why, you only have to see them playfully fighting to get Desmond’s oversized salami in their mouths to realise that neither lad is the kind who wants to miss out on a single moment of hardcore action. But in the end it’s Alexander who gets to savour the full benefit of the encounter, as he’s royally spit-roasted on the sofa like the filthy little piggy he very evidently is. If only his folks back home could get to see him skewered like a common whore from both ends – geez, they’d be so, so proud! As it is though it’s a sight reserved for you bunch of twink-lovin’ maniacs, which eventually sees all three boys spurt fine wads of jizz in their turn. Official protocol prevents us from ever knowing if our real-life spooks are indulged as fittingly as Desmond here. What we can say, however, is you’re gonna bust a nut several times over!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Download Gay DVDs

Running Time: 90 mins, Year: 2012

Price: Around £15*

Starring: Luke Desmond, Sean Savoy, Skylar Blu, Kai Alexander, Aaron Aurora, Connor Levi, Kyle Dickson

Director: John Smith

Studio: Staxus

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Country: UK, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Staxus, Slalom Sluts

No question about it, skiing is one of the toughest sports there is – one for which you need to be 100% fit to have any chance of competing. And what better way to keep on top of your game than to engage in some off-piste cock-sucking, ass-banging action with your fellow snow-lovin’ buddies?! With bubble-butt asses that are as smooth as the Alpine drifts and cock-hungry holes at every turn on the course, this is one guaranteed whiteout from start to finish!

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