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Staxus / Fitlads
Staxus: Fit Lads 3 - Gay DVD

Staxus, Fit Lads 3

In this series:

Fit Lads 1

Staxus, FitLads

Fit Lads 2
Staxus, Fit Lads 2

Fit Lads 3
Staxus, Fit Lads 3

Another rampant session of Fitlads fun, featuring a third, ultra-delicious cast of high-octane Brit scallies, who (just like their predecessors) can't get enough of hard cock and hungry ass.

Scene 1: Council-Estate Tearaways Get All Fucked Up

Staxus, Fit Lads 3

If you?ve never been to Manchester, and are perhaps thinking of making a visit at some point, then make sure to make a point of calling on these two fit scallies, who (if this series of flicks is anything to go by) stand as a prime example of what all horny young guys in the city get up to given half the chance. Dressed in their normal, everyday attire of sport-kit, trainers and baggy tee-shirts ? which they very quickly toss to one side, it must be pointed out! Damien Esco and Romeo James are the very picture of what one expects from chav-obsessed director, Zack Hadley. What?s more, it?s not long before any nominal sense of ?straightness? from these two council-estate tearaways is cast away, as they rim, finger and then finally fuck each other to ecstasy. We?re not exactly sure what they mates on the corner of the street would say if they saw what they?re prepared to get up to for a few hundred quid, but there?s no doubt in our minds what you?re gonna think of this sweaty and utterly sordid little encounter.

Scene 2: Angels? You're Having A Laugh!

Staxus, Fit Lads 3

Their Grannies think they?re angels and that the light of heaven shines out of their backsides, but they?ve obviously never seen the footage that you can see of these two young English low-life sluts, Craig Freeman and Chris Denver. Which is just as well really, given that they?d probably have cardiac arrests from seeing their ?darlings? act like total sluts. Our viewers, however, will have no such problems ? unless, of course, you have a heart-problem that?s exacerbated by the sight of a couple of cock-whores sucking and rimming like their sweet young lives depended on it! That risk aside, we?ve a distinct feeling in our water that you?re gonna love these two fair-headed beauties, whose idea of a fun time entails thrusting their hard shafts down each others' throats and then banging away at each other?s butts like a couple of sex-starved bunnies! What their grandmothers would say we?ll always have to wonder; but we know our fans enough by now to understand that cum dripping from a cute young twink?s face evokes only one response ?

Scene.3: Kai Cruz Is A Wanton, Cock-Hungry Bastard - Again!

Staxus, Fit Lads 3

Kai Cruz has appeared in enough porn by now for pretty much everyone to know what a total, wanton, cock-hungry bastard he is ? but just in case anyone was in any doubt about this fact, let?s hope this scene underlines the point. Unable to find any similarly-minded sluts online as he surfs the net, Cruz turns his attention to his roommate, Kurt Richards, who?s lying out on his bed feeling his cock under his tracksuit bottoms. Why Cruz spurned the fellow in the first place is one of those little mysteries that we shall never be able to truly understand, but suffice it to say that it isn?t very long before the sight of that thick, uncut knob-end that?s being played with on the other side of the room causes Cruz to abandon his web-search and to engage in some feverishly horny cock-sucking. Which in turn leads him to part his legs in pretty much every direction imaginable so that his sweet little ass-hole can get the buggering of its life! As ever with Zack Hadley, there?s nothing discrete about this session ? least of all when Cruz spunks up over his own trackie-bottoms! Fabulous!

Scene 4: Sweaty Sock-Sniffer Gets His Just Rewards

Staxus, Fit Lads 3

Be warned! Sniffing someone else?s socks might be a turn-on, but sometimes it doesn?t get paid to get caught in the act ? as Damien Esco discovers when he?s interrupted by his equally-horny roommate, Josh Ireland, whilst taking an illicit snort. As a result of his misdemeanour, Esco soon finds himself with a trainer thrust in his face, before an equally hard, unwashed cock gets pushed into his mouth and down his throat. That, however, marks just the beginning of the action, as the runt is then forced to rim his partner?s ass, before having his own pucker stretched to the max by his pal?s oversized knob. Little wonder the youngster looks just a little bemused by the time the session comes to an end ? though chances are that you will hardly notice, given that you?re probably be too busy tugging on your own cock to care! A definite must-see for all of you out there who like white socks and the filthy-minded cunts who wear them!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 85 mins, Year: 2009

Price: Around £15*

Starring: Damien Esco, Curt Richards, Craig Freeman, Kris Denver, Kai Cruz, Romeo James, Josh Ireland

Director: Zack Hadley

Studio: Staxus / FitLads

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Download: Staxus / Fitlads

Member site:

Country: United Kingdom, Language: english

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Staxus, Fit Lads 2

Britain once again becomes the watchword for chavvish debauchery, as a second collection of horny members of the UK's underclass engage in a sordid series of ball-busting, cock-draining encounters. Tattooed and blinged, these foul-mouthed youths are the cream of their nation - producing it in copious amounts as if to underline the point.

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Also from Staxus: Fit Fuckers
Staxus, Fit Fuckers

The first in a whole new brand of Staxus movies, with a superb collection of some of the hottest cock-fodder that the UK has to offer. Modern Britain is exposed for what it really is: a fabulous cock-fuelled cesspit, and just the sort of place you're gonna love!

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