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Dirty Fuckers
Dirty Fuckers: Special Piss Forces

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

They’re not quite up there with Spetsnaz or Mossad – at least not quite yet! – but this special unit of heavenly soldiers have a love of piss that’s second to none. And if it’s not piss they’re lusting for, it’s spunk! Enlist with this horny band of cock-mad military brothers as they pummel each and every mouth and ass that cums their way!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Cute Young Recruit Gets A Facial Of Cum & Piss!

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

The Cold War ended a long time ago now, but that doesn’t mean that the Czech army isn’t still on the look-out for young, virulent soldiers to defend the motherland. Whether Czech conscription policies reflect those adopted by the officers in this scene (Kamil Fox, Jacob Bishop and Semir Al Bakir) is a complete matter of conjecture, however. For these military stalwarts go utterly twink-crazy at the arrival of cropped-haired beauty, Julien Heath; forcing the gorgeous star of BARE RAVERS to dump a healthy load of spunk for their amusement, before knocking him down onto his knees and collectively pissing over his cute little face. The resulting display is that of Heath dripping with the yellow nectar like a veritable whore – a sight that’s gonna get you piss fans jerking like mad!

Scene 2: Medical Assessment Results In A Hard Fuck & A Face-Load Of Spunk!

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

Horny young recruit, Gavin Hitchman, hasn’t been feeling so horny of late. That’s because he’s been suffering from a great deal of stomach-ache, which is the reason he decides to call in on the regiment’s doctor, Ben Alcock, who promptly decides that an anal investigation is what the poor lad requires. Having established that there’s little wrong with the lad, the medic presents Hitchman with a thick, uncut shaft to take his mind of things – a move that promptly ensures a fantastic amount of cock-sucking from both parties. Finally, the patient secures a full recovery from his recent ailments by fucking the life out of Alcock’s hungry little hole, before spewing the contents of his 21-year-old balls over Alcock’s face. As medical procedures go, it’s a definite life-saver!

Scene 3: Another Young Recruit Gets Spunk Up His Nose & Down His Throat!

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

Having face-fucked the living daylights out of Julien Heath in the opening scene, the recruiting panel (Kamil Fox, Jacob Bishop and Semir Al Bakir) are still on the lookout for fresh military talent. So imagination their excitement when blond-haired beauty, Falco White, walks in through the door looking to join up. Well actually you don’t need to imagine, because director Vlado Iresch has recorded the whole sordid encounter for your pleasure, which basically involves White getting exactly the kind of abuse that Heath got a few moments before. In terms of originality, then, it’s not exactly anything amazing, but the sight of young White with spunk sprayed up his nose and across his mouth more than makes up for that. In short, a scene that’ll definitely get you spurting your load!

Scene 4: Short But Sweet - And Awash With Gallons Of Hot Piss ...

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

Sneaking off to see the doctor obviously didn’t win Gavin Hitchman many favours with any of his colleagues in the unit. Finding him in the showers – where, incidentally, the young lad was having a grand time pissing all over himself! – Kamil Fox, Alex Grander and Falco White promptly decide to take full advantage of his somewhat vulnerable predicament by pushing him down onto his knees and then getting their manly, uncut hoses out to soak him in fresh piss. To add insult to injury, they also force the lad to tell them how much he’s enjoying their generosity – when everything about him tells you nothing could be further from the case. That said, there’s no doubt in our mind that you’re gonna just love this short little scene, awash as it is with gallons of hot piss!

Scene 5: Horny Young Soldiers Take A Shower - Then Suck & Fuck Each Other Dry

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

Being around men all day and all night leaves some young recruits feeling hornier than they can possibly stand – a predicament that Charles Sadler and Aaron Jeffries find themselves in when they take to the shower-room to clean themselves down. Indeed, these two lads have barely had chance to strip off before they’re gorging off each other’s meaty knobs. Not that that’s ever gonna be enough for blond-haired Jeffries, who before long is bouncing up and down on Sadler’s raw cock like a cowboy on acid. Ultimately, however, one can’t help feel that it’s Sadler, with his dark cropped hair and penchant for cum, who ultimately steals the scene, not least of all by taking a mouthful of sperm from his partner but also by allowing Jeffries to piss all over him afterwards. Magic!

Scene 6: Innocent Citizen Deflowered By Soldiers For Your Perverse Pleasure ...

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

Is the Czech Republic a military state? Are not “innocent” citizens allowed to go about their everyday business without the threat of being interfered with by members of the military? Not in this particular quarter of Prague, that’s for sure, as young Gregor Clark – a Pole, as it happens – encounters Kamil Fox and Alex Grander. Demanding his identity papers, which Clark doesn’t possess, they immediately bundle him into the nearest toilet-block and force him to suck their cocks. Then they take turns at his tight virgin ass, before both finally emptying their sacs all over his sweet little face. It’s a brutal, uncompromising deflowering, that’s for sure, and one that’ll get most of our fans into a cum-stained lather. For sure, one of the highlights of the whole film …

Scene 7: Third Volunteer Surrenders All His Holes To The Recruiting Panel

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

Another day, and another young, bright-eyed wannabe soldier walks into the recruiting centre – this time, David Ballard, who (like Heath and White before him) has no idea what sort of welcome he’s gonna get. Recruitment, after all, can be a cold and disheartening business; but not when you’re like cock-hungry Ballard, who promptly responds to the soldiers’ advances by opening every orifice that nature gave him. Cue a fabulous display by the pale-skinned boy, as he takes cock in his mouth, up his arse and generally acts out the role of dick-crazed whore like a true pro. Concluding his performance by getting a ass-load of cum at one end of his body and a mouthful of spunk at the other. It’s a five-knuckle show that’ll have you tossing into your Kleenex time and time again!

Scene 8: Spunk-Filled Spit-Roast For Three Piss-Loving Twinks

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

Let’s face it, there’s some scenes that you just know are gonna be up there with the best of them just by looking at who’s in them – and with a cast that includes Julien Heath, Falco White and David Ballard (who’s only just proved what a complete cock-fiend he is in the previous scene) you just know that this is gonna be one of them. What’s more, it doesn’t disappoint. Heath and White are as gorgeous as ever; whilst Ballard once again puts his ass on the line by submitting the sort of spit-roasting frenzy of which wet dreams are made of. The result is the kind of display that’s gonna have you jerking off like crazy – not least of all when White spews right on Ballard’s divine-looking button, whilst Heath spurts over his face. And all finished off with lashings of steaming piss!

Scene 9: Cum Up The Arse, Cum Down The Throat - Superb Spunk-Fest Finale!

Dirty Fuckers, Special Piss Forces

Given that this is the ninth scene of this military-inspired classic, chances are that your balls will be completely and totally drained by this point. Even so, the fact that this final escapade involves the indisputable talents of Julien Heath might just be enough to secure a final blow-out of your part. Indeed, let’s not be coy here, Heath is at his virile, spunk-inducing best here, as Alex Grander makes the most of the opportunity to bang the young hussy’s pucker, depositing a very healthy load of cream inside in the process. Not that it stays there very long, it must be said, given that Grander promptly empties his bladder on Heath’s ass immediately afterwards, but if anything that will merely add to your excitement. All in all, a superb display from both lads and a very fitting finale!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult / Bareback Sex, Bareback Youth, Pissing & Watersports

Running Time: 110 mins, Year: 2010

Price: Around £25*

Starring: Aaron Jeffries, Alex Grander, Ben Alcock, Charles Sadler, David Ballard, Falco White, Gavin Hitchman, Gregor Clark, Jacob Bishop, Julien Heath, Kamil Fox, Semir Al Bakir

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Dirty Fuckers

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Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech, with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Dirty Fuckers, Cum Harvest

Late summer in the countryside – and it’s time for the boys from STAXUS to head out of the city to help out with the harvest. Unfortunately, any farmer who’s hoping for the muscular assistance of these boys is likely to be somewhat disappointed. For whilst the corn might need cutting and the apples might need picking, the likes of Lucas Drake, Titus Snow and Ray Mannix are much more interested in the fruits of each other’s groins to pay any attention to work.

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Dirty Fuckers, Dirty Piss Fuckers

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Dirty Fuckers, Filthy Skater Sluts

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Also available from Dirty Fuckers: Piss My Cum Away
Dirty Fuckers, Piss My Cum  Away

Fabulous 15-guy extravaganza, featuring a bevy of scorching Czech studs and twinks in a collection of no-holds-barred multiple-style gang-bangs. All performed bareback, with thick loads of spunk and oodles of piss!

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Dirty Fuckers, Piss My Cum  Away 2

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