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Staxus / Fit Fuckers
Staxus: Fit Fuckers - Gay DVD

Staxus, Fit Fuckers

The first in a whole new brand of Staxus movies, with a superb collection of some of the hottest cock-fodder that the UK has to offer. Modern Britain is exposed for what it really is: a fabulous cock-fuelled cesspit!

Scene 1: When the She-Cat’s Away …

Staxus, Fit Fuckers

When the She-Cat's Away ... Beefy Toby James is one hell of a horny bastard. Not content with having a girlfriend, he trawls the net in search of hot, young cock - which in this instance comes straight to his door in the shape of blond hot-shot, Billy Easter. Smooth, fresh-faced and with a distinct twinkle in his eye, hooker Easter seems to know instinctively how to satisfy James - first sucking on his thick rod, then rimming his hairy ass, and finally bending over the nearest available sofa for the fucking of his barely-begun life.

Staxus, Fit Fuckers

As a result, he ultimately gets just the sort of facial all young twinks dream about - though how James explains the stains on the settee to his girlfriend when she returns is another matter entirely. Life in suburban Britain has rarely looked so permissive and sordid!

Scene 2: Apartment Look-Out For Hot Cock

Staxus, Fit Fuckers

Apartment Look-Out For Hot Cock Living in the city can leave a guy feeling more than just a little excited - especially when he looks out of his apartment window and sees some gorgeous, young, cock-hungry punk walking past. Which is basically what happens to handsome stud, Dominic North - a fine, smooth-chested hunk with a five o'clock shadow and the sort of cock between his legs that needs some serious satisfaction. Lucky for him then that the dick-tease he sees is a lad like Beau Hicks: a pretty, tattooed brunette who not only wants to feel North's shaft ramming the back of his throat, but who also wants to feel that hardness pushing up his rump as well. And all whilst wearing a jock-strap! By the time Hicks gets the contents of North's balls splattered across his face, chances are you'll be rupturing yourself!

Scene 3: Billy Easter Rides (Cock) Again!

Staxus, Fit Fuckers

Billy Easter Rides (Cock) Again! As if to prove what a complete harlot young Billy Easter actually is, up-and-cumming UK director, Zack Hadley, brings him back for a second serving - this time in the company of one of the most famous names in Brit porn at the moment, Kai Cruz. Of course, Cruz is probably not the prettiest face in the profession, but he does possess one of the meatiest knob-ends around - and it's with decided relish that the filthy-minded Easter gets to work on the shaft pretty much right away. First giving it the sort of blow-out that wet dreams are made of, before eagerly parting his legs to provide it with the kind of accommodation a shaft that size deserves. And in true Easter fashion, he finishes off by taking another magnificent facial. This boy is a top-notch whore - and there's absolutely no doubt that you'll love him!

Scene 4: A Little Massage And A Lot Of Cock

Staxus, Fit Fuckers

A Little Massage And A Lot Of Cock Given the quality of the entire flick, it seems a little unfair to pinpoint this scene as its highlight - but anyone who's fantasised about (or indeed actualised) the notion of a hot, no-holds-barred massage from a horny little cunt of a masseur will be in seventh-heaven here. The prolonged introduction of real-man, Rod Staves, as he takes a bath, only seems to add to the excitement of the eventual action; but once young cutie, Liam Gardner, enters the frame we reckon you'll be reaching for the Kleenex pretty much straightaway. A situation that will only intensify when you get to see Gardner being buggered in every direction by the top's thick, uncut butt-picker. Set against a backdrop of lily-white, virginal sheets, this scene is sweaty, desperate and (most of all) totally fucking hot!

Scene 5: Cock-Loving Hoodies Get Fuckin’ Dirty

Staxus, Fit Fuckers

Cock-Loving Hoodies Get Fuckin' Dirty Fans of hoodies beware - we've headed out of the city for the coast, where the sea-air appears to make the local clientele arguably even hotter. Oliver Jepson is a slim, blond-haired, pale-skinned beauty; his counterpart, Mark Summers, a buffer, cropped-headed top, who will stop at nothing to get the sort of sexual satisfaction that only a young twink like Jepson can possibly provide. Cue a sticky, rampant session of rampant fornication, with Jepson riding cock like a complete moral-free hussy and Summers ramming it in for all that he's worth. The sight of these two lads banging away, with the sweat glistening on Summers' back and Jepson's legs high in the air, marks a fabulous conclusion to this superb exposé of England's hottest cock-dudes at their finest.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 100 mins, Year: 2009

Price: Around £26*

Starring: Kai Cruz, Billy Easter, Liam Gardner, Beau Hicks, Toby James, Oliver Jepson, Dominic North, Rod Staves, Mark Summers

Director: Zack Hadley

Studio: Staxus / Fit Fuckers

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive

Gay Video On Demand: Staxus, See also:

Member site:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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