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Raw Films
Raw Films: Raw Regret - Gay DVD
Starring David Owen and Jack Roys

Raw Films, Raw Regret

Get this DVD and you'll have no regrets!!! We all know that Bareback sex is the fucking horniest to watch!! 14 hot young guys shoot cum in this bareback fuck frenzy - enjoy!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Kamil Fox, Tomi Luck, Billy Jay

Also available: Big Cocks, Tight Asses (2 DVD Compilation)

Raw Films, Raw Regret

We’ve all heard cautionary tales about the dangers of hitchhiking – being picked up by strangers in their cars and falling victim to assault or even worse. Except in this particular instance the vehicle in question is actually a van; whilst the fact that the “assailants” in question here are handsome studs, Kamil Fox and Billy Jay, ensures that it’s not altogether clear whether the risks of hitching a lift are being highlighted or (in contrast) promoted.

Indeed, is there any gay guy with a pulse who wouldn’t actually enjoy being taken off to a quiet, deserted spot so that someone like Fox could have their moment of fun? Not that young Tomi Luck’s immediate response to the unexpected turn of events is initially too positive. Having fallen asleep in the back of the van, he’s rather rudely awoken to the prospect of having Fox’s cock thrust down his throat – to which (not that surprisingly) he baulks.

It’s not long, however, before the horny little slut begins to realise that maybe all his Christmases may have come at once, as Jay joins in on the action and he finds himself sandwiched between two of the hottest, horniest bastards in Czechia. Indeed, any initial resistance soon transforms itself into top-notch enthusiasm; as the cock-crazed bottom takes every inch that Fox can muster up his arse, before quite literally bouncing up and down on Jay’s lap like a cheap whore. Given the intensity of the performance, it’s perhaps not all that surprising that a tsunami of jizz soon ensues – most of it all over Luck’s face! – before a final storyline twist leaves the lad to rue his lack of self-respect.

Scene 2: Cameron Jackson and Richard Said

Also aAvailable: Blond Bombshell Bangers (2 DVD set)

Raw Films, Raw Regret

Why on earth the handsome Richard Said should feel the need to get drunk when he’s got Cameron Jackson to look at behind the bar is anyone’s guess – maybe he needs Dutch courage to make the necessary pass? Whatever the reason, there’s a distinct danger that he’ll be so inebriated by the time he gets to stake his claim on Jackson’s gorgeous body that any chance of a top-notch performance will be out of the question. Fortunately, the young fellow is still in control of all his necessary faculties when the opportunity arises. What’s more, Jackson – being Jackson! – is only too willing and eager to return the advance; and before you know it the two fellows are smooching away on the bed like a pair of action-starved sex gods.

Given the situation, it comes as no surprise that both boys are soon out of their clothes and taking turns at slurping on every inch of hard cock that’s very quickly on offer; before Jackson takes advantage of Said’s prostrate position on the bed to give his new pal’s hairless arse-hole a very vigorous rimming. It’s a move that clearly leaves the young, horned-up drinker with a distinct thirst for hard cock inside him; and soon Jackson is easing his world-famous ramrod exactly where it belongs.

The sight of the lad’s ever-swollen balls energetically slapping against Said’s butt as he pounds away is unquestionably one of the highlights of this encounter; and there’s every good chance that you’ll have dumped a heavy wad long before both boys have taken the opportunity to unload and the final twist in the story has been revealed!

Scene 3: Jack Roys, Chris Cloony, Carey Lexes

Also available: Just 18 part 2 (2 DVD set)

Raw Films, Raw Regret

In sexual psychological terms, there’s no questioning the fact that Chris Cloony is most definitely a predator – a slightly older fellow who entices a young lad (Jack Roys) to visit him at his home after meeting in the local park. For all his fresh-faced, innocent persona, it’s clearly something that Roys appears to understand given that he brings a mate with him when he visits Cloony’s house soon afterwards. But even the addition of a blond-haired cutie like Carey Lexes isn’t going to prevent Cloony from making a move on the boy. Indeed, the unexpected introduction of a third party appears only to add to the spoils now on offer; as the more experienced guy sits his two newfound buddies in front of the telly, offers to show them an action movie and proceeds to bombard them with hardcore gay porn.

In reality, of course, there’s every good chance that the two lads would simply bolt to the door at this point. Here, however, they appear totally entranced when Cloony gets his cock out and invites the boys to try out the kind of things they’re seeing on screen – an invitation that quickly results in Roys and Lexes gobbling on dick like a couple of whores.

Mind, Cloony’s overall ambition here is to deflower their pert little arse-holes – and needless to say he doesn’t meet with disappointment. First Roys takes every inch of his dick, then Lexes – by which time any initial coyness from these two lads has been totally forgotten. So much so that the final minutes of this escapade are a frantic cum-fest, with all three guys left coated with thick globs of spunk for their efforts!

Scene 4: Kevin Trejo, John Swis, Collin Richardson

Raw Films, Raw Regret

John Swis and Collin Richardson are not alone in being turned on big time by other guys’ dirty laundry – it’s a fairly common kink, after all – but it’s clearly not something that has ever crossed Kevin Trejo’s young mind. Indeed, Trejo is very much the fresh-faced innocent in this classic threesome, stumbling on the antics of his two buddies and (for a moment at least) almost paralysed in his response to seeing them slurping on each other’s dicks. It’s not a predicament that lasts for very long, however. Before you know it he’s got his own cock out of his jeans and is jerking it in response – initially without Richardson and Swis even realising. Once the two studs catch the sight of him wanking in the corner, however, the action turns – not unsurprisingly! – increasingly sordid.

Cue a cute young man’s deflowering, as Trejo first tumbles to his knees to give his mates a much-needed blow-job; then gets bundled over a washing-machine so that Swis can bury his aching shaft deep into his hungry little arse-hole. The sight of the youngster being spit-roasted for all he’s worth is almost certainly enough to get any red-blooded viewer into a state of close-ecstasy; and it’s perhaps very little wonder that neither Swis or Richardson can hold back from dumping generous wads of pent-up man-juice at either end of the curly-haired beauty.

Strangely enough, however, it’s arguably the closing-action sight of Trejo splattering a fine rope of jizz all over Swis’s face that warrants ultimate acclaim – both studs lapping away at the end of the twink’s spent shaft to call the show to a wrap!

Scene 5: Tom Arnott, David Owen, Bill Brown

Raw Films, Raw Regret

Hunky Tom Arnott is the somewhat predatory photographer, baby-faced David Owen his arguably naïve subject – as the two fellows meet up for a photo-shoot that (inevitably for a gay porn scene) ends up with the handsome stud taking full advantage of the heavenly freshman. It’s not exactly the most original idea for a storyline, of course – nor, for that matter, is the sudden return of Arnott’s other half, curly-haired, Bill Brown, who promptly catches his boyfriend in the middle of an energetic blow-job courtesy of Owen! It’s unlikely, however, that that’s going to affect your overall judgement of what quickly transforms itself into a superb threesome between this trio of beauties. Who watches porn for originality when all’s said and done, anyway?

In contrast, the fact that this little escapade features a varied selection of three splendid cock-obsessed sluts will almost certainly push ratings upwards – not least of all the ever-whorish Owen, who could never resist a hard dick when one became available, and who here is quickly the centrepiece of the action. Indeed, having feverishly devoured the offerings of both mates, he’s soon laid out on his back taking every inch that Arnott can push up his arse, whilst Brown rams cock down his throat.

Clearly not content, the boy then gets on all fours so that his two mates can switch rolls. It’s the kind of sordid filth that will almost certainly get most viewers into a creamy lather in no time; and suffice it to say that Owen is soon splattered at both ends, before he wraps up proceedings by spewing all over Arnott’s face!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Bareback Sex, Europeans, Horsehung, Military, Muscle Men, Twinks/Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Balls, Black Men, Blonds, College/Dorms, Cum eating, Facial Cumshots, Kissing, Live Sound, Older Men/Younger Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex

Running Time: 110 mins, Year 2006

Price: Around £15*

Starring: Cameron Jackson, Richard Said, Bill Brown, Jack Roys, Carey Lexes, Chris Cloony, Kevin Trejo, David Owen, Tom Arnott, John Swis, Colin Richardson, Kamil Fox, Tomi Luck, Billy Jay

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Raw Films

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Member site:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Raw Films, Bareback Fuck Date

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Also available from Raw: Camping About
Raw Films,  Camping About

With the days at their warmest and the sap in full flow, it’s time for the STAXUS favourites, Vitali Kutcher and Martin Rivers to head for the country to enjoy the delights that only an outdoor vacation can give. But whilst sleeping under the stars is a definite boon, it’s the erections inside each other’s shorts that attracts the attention of these horned-up beauts!

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