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Raw Films
Raw Films: Raw Gravedigger - Gay DVD

Raw Films, Raw Gravedigger


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust – there’s only one thing that’s certain in this life and horny gravedigger, Shane Barret, seems perhaps a little too keen to remind you! Still, why worry about something that’s inevitable? Better instead to make the most of what time you’ve got left to savour the sight of some of the hottest, horniest lads this side of Paradise (Arthur Kral, Ryan Olsen and Sam Williams included) getting their rocks off in a ball-bustin’, cum-churnin’ extravaganza! Death might be a-calling, but the spunk’s gonna flow big-time beforehand ...

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Arthur Kral Has A Wish Cum True – Thanks To A Hot, Horny Stud, Who Fucks Him Like A Bitch!

Starring: Arthur Kral, Harry Vakker
Also available: Let's Play With Arthur Kral

Raw Films, Raw Gravedigger

We’ve all heard about mobile-phone dating apps surely, but it seems that Arthur Kral has discovered an almost unbelievable service – at least if this terrific little scene is to be believed. For no sooner has he registered his interest via the said service than his would-be date has appeared. Not only that, but Harry Vakker – who, it must be said here and now, is a mighty handsome fucker – materialises wearing nothing more than a pair of sexy briefs and a smile!

No question about it, if this service is for real then it’s success is surely guaranteed. Especially if the guys who turn up are all as hot and horny as Vakker is here. For seconds on from his initial appearance, the young dark-haired beauty is making all the right moves – and providing Kral a well-proportioned dick to feast on in the meantime. Indeed, there’s no denying Kral’s hunger for cock here, as he munches away on his new-found fuck-buddy’s offering like a man who’s been denied the pleasure for years.

An appetite that continues when both fellows engage in a feverish spate of 69-ing; before Vakker teasingly rims Kral’s ass-hole, then thrusts every raw inch of fuck-rod deep inside for good measure. What ensues is an undeniably passionate romp, which sees Vakker energetically pump Kral’s pucker like an express-train, grabbing hold of his hair in the process as if to underline his top-dog status. A position that’s underlined further when Kral rides his mate’s rock-hard shaft cowboy-style like a bitch on heat. Little wonder that both guys are soon splurging like a pair of hyped-up geysers for the kind of spunk-soaked finale our legion of filthy-minded fans demand!

Scene 2: It’s Rude To Keep A Twink Hanging, So Why Not Fuck & Cream The Boy’s Ass Instead!

Starring: Ryan Olsen, Shane Barret

Raw Films, Raw Gravedigger

No question about it, Shane Barret’s job as the local gravedigger is an unusual occupation to say the very least, but it’s nothing in comparison to the fellow’s penchant for the perverse! After all, it’s not exactly commonplace to sit wearing a baraclava over your head for no particular reason, as he does at the start of this particular scene. Nor, for that matter, is it exactly everyday behaviour to have another guy hanging from his wrists by a rope for your amusement – in this particular instance, Ryan Olsen.

But clearly Barret is a man with an eye for the extraordinary; and, in fairness, it quickly becomes apparent that Olsen is clearly more than willing to participate in the fellow’s kinky habits, gobbling down on his captor’s handsome dick with the kind of gusto that you only ever seem to see in lads from the Czech Republic. But this young captive’s taste for hard cock doesn’t just stop at him sucking them like popsicles. Nor, for that matter, is Barret the kind of hostage-taker who’s prepared to allow his “victims” an easy ride – pardon the pun! In fact, if anything it’s a very hard ride that Barret had planned for his guest, and it’s no time at all before he’s pounding away from beneath whilst Olsen continues to hang from the ceiling.

That signals the start of a passionate, energetic fuck that sees the young bottom banged (quite literally) to within an inch of his existence; taking every raw inch of hard man-meat like a pro, before Barret creams his ass with oodles of jizz. Finally, with a noose round his neck, Olsen returns the compliment with a violent, sticky eruption of his own – a fitting, off-the-wall jizzy finale to a top-notch escapade!

Scene 3: Horny Gravedigger Bundles A Cute, Cock-Hungry Twink Into A Cellar For A Hot, Raw Fuck!

Starring: Richie Hajek, Shane Barret
Also available: Big Fat, Thick & Juicy (2 DVD set)

Raw Films, Raw Gravedigger

You might not think that it’s very good manners but Shane Barret has never been the kind of guy to bother with the courtesy of romance. No dilly-dallying for him, that’s for fuckin’ sure – he meets a new guy and before they know it the bell-end of his handsome, uncut ramrod is introducing itself to their tonsils! Of course, there are guys who might take exception to this kind of handling – but not Richie Hajek, that’s for sure. In fact, this boy seems to love being bundled down to a cellar to get the full Barret treatment; and within seconds he’s slurping down on the stud’s thick offering like a dog with a new bone!

Not that Barret is adverse to partaking in fellatio, as becomes apparent when the two fellows busy engage in a session of 69-ing shortly afterwards. But it doesn’t take a psychologist to realise who’s the dominant party in this coupling; and having sat down on Hajek’s face to enjoy an eager session of rimming, Barret is soon ploughing into the young twink’s ass with characteristic gusto.

In fairness, it’s not exactly untrue to say that Hajek’s response to all this attention to his fuck-hole seems a tad overawing – you can’t help thinking by this point that he’d rather be earning his cash via some more conventional means. But given the size of what Barret is pushing up his rear it’s probably no surprise; and having finally accommodated his guts to its new occupier he’s soon pumping a fine, satisfied load of fresh goo for the camera. That leaves Barret to squirt his scent all over the youngster’s face, marking a job well done for everyone!

Scene 4: Forget Billiards. These Two Studs Wanna Empty Their Balls Into Yuri Adamov’s pockets!

Starring: Harry Vakker, Sam Williams, Yuri Adamov
Also available: Double Dick 3 Compilation Gay DVD
Also available: Cum Addict

Raw Films, Raw Gravedigger

Let’s be honest from the start, the appearance of a billiard table in a porn scene is hardly novel – how many folks (male and female) have been screwed over the baize for sexual entertainment, we wonder? What does make this escapade stand out from the crowd, however, is the fact that it features three of the very hottest guys in the biz today, which in itself makes it a sure fire winner even before the first balls have been pocketed!

Harry Vakker, Sam Williams and Yuri Adamov are more than capable of holding a scene on their own nad-bustin’ merits. Put them together and you’ve got the recipe for a performance that’ll go down in porn-making history – and believe us, they don’t disappoint! Adamov, in particular, is excellent as the gazelle to Williams and Vakker’s lions – stripped of his clothes and subjected to a very welcome onslaught from these two sexy studs. And needless to say it’s not long before Vakker is opening up the twink’s ever-eager hole with his fingers, whilst Williams and Adamov himself 69 each other over the table.

But the real excitement begins when Vakker’s finger is replaced by William’s cock, culminating in the two studs double-penetrating their hot and horny twink pal – first on the table and then (arguably to better effect) on the floor. It pretty much goes without saying that Adamov takes it all like the dick-slut he was always born to be; and it’s no surprise that Vakker and Williams are soon liberally squirting their boy-batter. All topped off by Adamov, who manages to inadvertently splatter Vakker with quite a tremendous facial!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Bareback Sex, Europeans, Horsehung, Military, Muscle Men, Twinks/Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Balls, Black Men, Blonds, College/Dorms, Cum eating, Facial Cumshots, Kissing, Live Sound, Older Men/Younger Men, Oral Sex, Rimming, Rough Sex

Running Time: 88 mins, Year 2015

Price: Around £25*

Starring: Shane Barret, Ryan Olsen, Yuri Adamov, Arthur Kral, Sam Williams, Richie Hajek, Harry Vakker

Director: John Smith & Michael Burling

Studio: Raw Films

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Member site:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Raw Films, Cum Outside

Who said outdoor sex wasn't fun? These Staxus twinks enjoy ever moment of it, regardless of who is lurking in the background watching! Featuring Staxus exclusive Craig Kennedy with his MASSIVE uncut twink cock!

Cast: Gabriel Clay, Joel Tamir, David Hollister, Liam Plozeb, Timmy Williams, Craig Kennedy

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Raw Films, Sweet Twink Riding

Fresh, young and very horny twinks treat us to pure bareback pounding, sloppy blowjobs and messy cum shots! A gay porn download that can't be missed in any serious twink lover's collection.

Cast: Josh Evans, Patrik Roa, Damian Porch, Nick Fox, David Hollister, Michael Dee, Aaron Shine, Finn Harper

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Also available from Raw: Hitting Jackpot
Raw Films, Hitting Jackpot

These boys sure know how to hit jackpot by ferociously riding and oozing jizz! John is for sure enjoying his stuffing my Bren, who barely takes any breaks from pounding him hard! Soon Joel too is getting plowed by Karney, in various positions, till ultimately giving cute Joel a facial! But if you thought Patrick was a top, you're wrong! Timmy is soon giving him what he so desperately needed, and moments later so is Josh! Needless to say, these boys found their climax!

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Also available from Raw: Raw Twink Action
Raw Films, Raw Twink Action

The title says it all, Raw Twink Action! Who wouldn't want to get in on some of the hottest twinks? Starting off with Aaron who soon is stretching and filling Joel, followed by the insatiable Ray May, paired with Gabriel they're soon riding into ecstasy. But Joel isn't finished just yet, as in no time he's back in bed with Josh, who will fill him up with cum! Needless to say that Felix is in for the final assault paired with Rami, whose muscular build has him pinned down and taking his cock in all positions!

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Also available from Raw: Twink Pounding
Raw Films, Twink Pounding

One thing these boys have in common is that their holes are getting opened and pounded! Starting off with John Hardy who in no time has Tyler Scott's ass opened and begging for more to Felix Jakes who continues with Tyler on top of a pool table, Tyler has had his monthly allowance for cock! David Hollister gets his hole serviced by the cute Gabriel to end up covered in fresh cum! And finally John Hardy gets a hard fuck from Gabriel making him cum in no time whilst riding his cock!

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