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Staxus  / Sport Ladz
Sport Ladz: Ballerino - Gay DVD

Sport Ladz, Ballerino

It’s off to ballet school – with a difference! – where a fine collection of the hottest, horniest dancers are limbering up for the performance of a lifetime ... all in front of the camera, with their hard cocks out and their hungry mouths and asses ready for action!
In fact, dancing never really cums into what goes on at this academy. Instead, these boys parade themselves for your entertainment in the clear hope of raw, unbridled fornication, which (lucky for them – and you!) is very much the only show in town. Billy Elliot, eat your feckin’ heart out!

Scene 1: Horny little Slut Kai Alexander gets a right raw blond-boy fuck!

Starring: Kai Alexander, Tristan Cane
Also available: Young, Dumb and Splattered in Cum Again

Sport Ladz, Ballerino

Kai Alexander has always been a bit of horny little slut even on his more restrained days, but he’s never been able to resist a cute blond twink and the time he spends at Ballet School only appears to underline that fact. Indeed, he’s all over Tristan Cane like a bad measles rash from the very start of this scene; though, let’s be honest, Cane doesn’t appear to show much in the way of resistance!

Indeed, young blondie is kicking his pants off almost as soon as Alexander has extracted the lad’s meaty, shaved cock from inside them. Suffice it to say that the two lads are then engaged in a heady flip-flop suck session, culminating in Alexander sitting himself down on Cane’s dick – which, let’s be perfectly honest here, is exactly what the lad wanted from the off! Indeed, if it’s a good fuck that the guy was after (which goes without saying) then he’s come to the right place.

Cane is determined to give Alexander the kind of tight screw that he both wants and deserves, ultimately banging the lad’s hungry little pucker down on the floor like there’s no tomorrow. Little wonder that Alexander is soon spewing the contents of his nads in all directions; before positioning his face to receive a right kinky splatter of jizz courtesy of Cane’s achingly stiff dick!

Scene 2: Dance Time? Not Fuckin’ Likely, As Dark-Haired Brit-Lad Proves Himself A Total Cock-Fiend!

Starring: Alex Candy, Kamyk Walker, Lex Blonde
Also available: Now's That's What I Call Staxus 5
Also available: Amazing Sluts (compilation)

Sport Ladz, Ballerino

Young show-time wannabe, Alex Candy, thinks he’s in for a boring dancing lesson as he prepares himself for class, but is he in for the shock of his life or what? The arrival of Lex Blonde and Kamyk Walker turns any previous plans he had completely on their head, as the two pals immediately get to work on Candy’s dick, taking turns to suck the handsome weapon into life.

Not that it needs much encouragement, it must be said. Candy is rock-hard in next to no time; and it’s little wonder that the boy is soon quite literally gagging for the feel of meat inside him. A wish that Walker is only too eager and willing to help make come true, as he promptly forces his way into the randy little bottom’s ass and starts to fuck away with merry abandon. Shortly afterwards, and having been worked into quite a lather by all this attention from Walker, the lad is then riding Blonde’s raw pole cowboy-style – underlining his credentials as a total dick-slut whose only existence is to satisfy the sexual demands of his peers.

There’s certainly plenty of evidence in this fine escapade to prove the point; and the manner with which he wraps things up by kneeling down and taking gooey, chin-dripping facials from both his kinky co-stars highlights the assertion.

Scene 3: Horny Brit-Boy Rims & Fucks His Training Partner With His Thick, Raw Dick!

Starring: Alex Candy and Connor Levi
Also available: Athletic Ass Bangers (6 Scene compilation)

Sport Ladz, Ballerino

Dancing can be a very intense, intimate activity, so it’s not surprising that those who attend dance-school can sometimes be overcome by animalistic urges. Certainly that would help explain the antics of Alex Candy and Connor Levi, whose time together in training comes to a heated conclusion when they begin to kiss and smooch. It’s not too long at all before this comparatively benign behaviour is transformed into something much more hardcore, as the two lads start to exchange somewhat energetic blowjobs.

Even then it’s obvious that the real action between these two oversexed guys is only just beginning; and before you know it Levi has Candy pressed down against a small rebounder, with the horny bottom’s legs stretched as far apart as they will physically go, so that he can rim Candy’s ass for all that it’s worth! It’s definitely a sight that has to be seen to be believed; but matters only get even more hyped up when Levi proceeds to fuck that tight little pucker, passionately thrusting his raw dick back and forth.

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The action then continues up against the wall, and only concludes when neither boy can hold back a moment longer and both bust their nut with characteristic verve. A breathless, sticky climax to a terrific ball-sapping scene!

Scene 4: Blond Twink Gives His Dancing Fuck-Buddy A Bangin' Good Workout!

Starring: Tristan Cane & Kyle Wilkinson
Also available: Now That's What I Call Staxus 3 (2 DVD set)

Sport Ladz, Ballerino

The first rule of dance, indeed of any physical exercise, is that you should always make sure that you’re fully limbered up before you take to the floor – a point that blond-haired beauty, Tristan Cane, and his buddy, Kyle Wilkinson, are careful to adhere to in the opening moments of this terrific set-piece. Not that this pair of cock-hunters are in any mood to prolong the prologue, it must be said.

Before you know it they’re sucking each other’s faces off and Wilkinson is reaching down to release Cane’s handsome, shaved, uncut ramrod from its pouch. Seconds later and the dark-haired lad is down on his knees and slurping up and down the said cock’s over-generous length – which pretty much sets the scene for the antics that follow. Fact is, Wilkinson is clearly gagging to get that thick dick firmly between his butt-cheeks and will stop at nothing to achieve his objective.

No doubt that helps explain the clear relief on his cute little face when he’s finally being nailed against the wall by his horny mate. This is a boy who was literally born to be fucked – a fact that Cane makes the most of as he pummels the pup’s eager ass from all directions. No wonder that both guys are soon busting a nut all over Cane’s belly as the scene hits its sticky conclusion.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 85 mins, Year: 2013

Price: Around £25*

Starring: Kyle Wilkinson, Kai Alexander, Connor Levi, Kamyk Walker, Lex Blonde, Tristan Cane, Alex Candy

Director: Michael Burling

Studio: Staxus / Sport Ladz

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive, and RadVideo (USA)

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Downloads / Video On Demand: Sport Ladz, See also:

Member site:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with english subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Staxus Sport Ladz: Snow Patrol
Staxus Sport Ladz, Snowq Patrol

Playing in the snow can be real good fun, but would anything truthfully compare to the opportunity of getting together with a gang of your favourite fuck-buddies for a hot, horny session of raw cock action? Certainly this bunch of horny Czech playmates don’t appear to think so, that’s for sure, as STAXUS favourites Rudy Valentino and Brad Fitt lead an all-star cast of cock-crazed twinks in search of the next heated fuck. Get ready, folks, for the hottest winter of your life ...

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Also available from Staxus Sport Ladz: Ball Busters
Sport Ladz, Ball Busters

A collection of sexed-up twinks abandon the game in favour of the hottest post-match analysis you'll ever see. Once the match is over hungry mouths and asses play both home and away to some of the hardest and horniest cocks in the league!

Click here for more information or to buy

Also available from Staxus / Sport Ladz: Buttfucking BMX Boys
Sport Ladz, BMX Buttfucking Boys

Full of hardcore ass slamming action, after a hard day on the bikes, these hot and sweaty twinks have built up a huge load of spunk waiting to explode on cute young faces.

Click here for more information or to buy

Also available from Staxus / Sport Ladz: Cock Out

Down at the local boxing club, the boys inside the ring are straight – but that doesn’t stop their hot and horny twink admirers from making a play for them. A tactic that never fails to succeed! The result? A breathless, sweaty fray of dick-on-dick action that’s bound to get you in the mood for more. Culminating in a stupendous double-penetration welterweight-cum-flyweight fuck-and-cum-fest that’ll have you creaming off time and time again long before the final bell!

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Also available from Staxus / Sport Ladz: Grand Slam
Staxus, Grand Slam

It's game, set and match for the STAXUS team, as twelve of the hottest tennis wannabes get together for some of the raunchiest court-based action you're ever likely to see. Forget "New Balls Please!" The only balls you'll see in this movie are the kind that spurt gob-loads of cum - just the sort you like!

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Also available from Staxus / Sport Ladz: Offside
Sport Ladz, Offside

Blond sex-god, Philippe Delvaux, heads from his native Low Countries to the Czech Republic. His mission? Officially, to play football with the lads from Prague. In reality, to enjoy as much cock and ass action as humanly possible! An objective this Belgian cock-slut enthusiastically grabs with both hands, as the world of soccer is transformed into a spunk-sodden, nad-busting frenzy!

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Also available from Staxus / Sport Ladz: Play To Win
Staxus / Sport Ladz, Play To Win

They can be together in the locker room or fooling about in the showers, it doesn’t matter to these boys. What counts is that they’re taking team-bonding to a whole new level, as they suck and fuck like total whores. Kai Alexander, Aaron Aurora, Skylar Blu – this crowd of horny youngsters aren’t so much interested in the final score as making sure they score after the final whistle!...

Please click here for more information or to buy

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