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Eye Candy Films: Amazing Sluts
Compilation Gay DVD

Eye Candy Films, Amazing Sluts


This title is part of

Eye Candy Boxset 2
(4 DVD set)
Eye Candy Films, Eye Candy Boxset 2


Compilation Gay DVD featuring scenes from Staxus titles

Some of the best Staxus scenes compiled on DVD! Sven Laarson and Mike James head up this stellar cast of Amazing Sluts! See them feast on raw cock, greedy for the feel of male meatiness sliding down their throats and ultimately up their tight asses! They’ll make out anywhere they can – even indulging in a hot workout in the locker room before a workout in the gym! Boys will be boys and sluts will always be sluts!

Scene 1: Dance Time? Not Fuckin’ Likely, As Dark-Haired Brit-Lad Proves Himself A Total Cock-Fiend!

Cast: Alex Candy, Kamyk Walker, Lex Blonde
From: Ballerino, Scene 2

Sport Ladz, Ballerino

Young show-time wannabe, Alex Candy, thinks he’s in for a boring dancing lesson as he prepares himself for class, but is he in for the shock of his life or what? The arrival of Lex Blonde and Kamyk Walker turns any previous plans he had completely on their head, as the two pals immediately get to work on Candy’s dick, taking turns to suck the handsome weapon into life.

Not that it needs much encouragement, it must be said. Candy is rock-hard in next to no time; and it’s little wonder that the boy is soon quite literally gagging for the feel of meat inside him. A wish that Walker is only too eager and willing to help make come true, as he promptly makes his way into the randy little bottom’s ass and starts to fuck away with merry abandon. Shortly afterwards, and having been worked into quite a lather by all this attention from Walker, the lad is then riding Blonde’s raw pole cowboy-style – underlining his credentials as a total dick-slut whose only existence is to satisfy the sexual demands of his peers.

There’s certainly plenty of evidence in this fine escapade to prove the point; and the manner with which he wraps things up by kneeling down and taking gooey, chin-dripping facials from both his kinky co-stars highlights the assertion.

Scene 2: Blond Beauty Fuck-Fest As Two Horny Sluts Enjoy A Flip-Flop Session Of Hard, Raw Copulation!

Cast: Mike James, Sven Laarson
From: Close Cut, Scene 2

Staxus, John Smith, Close Cut

You could be forgiven for not recognising young Mike James in this horny little escapade with Sven Laarson, given that the lad has grown his hair and dyed it platinum blond. All that said, however, there’s one thing about this guy that doesn’t seem to have changed one iota – namely his love of cock and his seemingly insatiable desire to flaunt himself in front of the camera, which on this occasion is taken to a whole new level when taking part in a photo-shoot with his equally hyped-up compatriot!

So don’t fret and think that in some way this STAXUS favourite has gone all mainstream and no longer wishes to act the common slut for an easy wad of cash. No, James is still very much the wanton extravert we all know and love; and within moments is feasting on his mate’s handsome love-stick for all he’s worth. Not that Laarson is in any way playing second fiddle to James here – a point that’s underlined when the pair engage in a very sensuous session of top-to-toe fellatio.

But it’s James who’s the first to give in to his desire to experience a hard, raw ass-stretching – riding Laarson’s thick, meaty ramrod cowboy-style like the true pro we all know him to be. Not wanting to miss out on any of the fun, however, it’s not long before Laarson’s taking every hard inch of his buddy’s shaft in much the same fashion; before both lads take it in turns to jerk each other off, emptying their heavy sacs of hot jizz in the process. A feat that a whole legion of gay porn fans will no doubt replicate in spunky appreciation of two of the hottest, filthiest blonds on film!

Scene 3: Brit Beauty Gets A Bike-Based Fuck Courtesy of Rudy Valentino’s Thick, Meaty Dick!

Cast: Aaron Aurora, Rudy Valentino
From: Dirty Riders, Scene 2

Staxus, Dirty Riders

Director, Michael Burling, hits a pitch-perfect note here, with a truly superb “threesome” that’ll surely have you knocking out load after load in appreciation. Threesome? we hear you ask. Is that right? But of course. Rudy Valentino, with his moody, sexy persona that literally oozes from the screen; Aaron Aurora, the cute Brit twink that a guy like Valentino is never, ever gonna be able to resist in a million years; and the motorbike from which the two lads alight during the scene’s opening moments.

After all, the said bike is as much an essential feature in this stupendous display as the two models, serving as the backdrop to some delicious fellatio courtesy of both parties, before Valentino does what Valentino does best – namely fucking the living daylights out of the twink’s hungry little ass! Not that Aurora puts up any significant resistance in the face of such an onslaught, taking every inch of his mate’s hard dick like a man and pumping out a fine wad of jizz in the process.

That only leaves it for Valentino to unburden his own tight nads all over his pal’s shoulder – by this point we reckon there’s every chance you’ll have spewed so much man-juice of your own that you’ll hardly quibble that the cum might have looked better over Aurora’s face!

Scene 4: Brad Fitt Gets Caught Sniffing Jocks & Gets Fucked By A Hot, Horny Stud As 'Punishment'!

Cast: Brad Fitt, Darius Ferdynand
From: Dream Team, Scene 2

Staxus Platinum, Dream Team

Super twink, Brad Fitt, has a bit of a private fetish. Fact is, he just loves to creep into empty locker-rooms so that he can pilfer through whatever sweaty jockstraps have been left lying around by the studs at the gym. But today, however, his secret is about to be discovered – by none other than one of the very same studs whose underwear he loves to sniff!

Not surprisingly, Darius Ferdynand is clearly less than impressed to discover what’s going on; but being a sex-crazed, red-blooded male he quickly realises that Fitt’s quiet perversion can be put to some very good use, as he promptly pulls his meaty, uncut dick out of his shorts and thrusts it into the cute lad’s face. It’s a move that a guy like Fitt can only ever be trusted to respond to in one way, immediately slurping on the ramrod like a bitch on heat! As it happens, however, Ferdynand clearly has something of a secret of his own given how much he appears to relish his own subsequent oral workout on Fitt’s cock and ass a few minutes later.

Seems like he’s not as “straight” as he’d have people believe! All the same, he’s more than equipped to give young Fitt a hard-nosed hammering over the benches shortly afterwards, making the lad ride every swollen inch between his thighs. It’s a move that a dick-crazy slut like Fitt responds to in typical over-enthused style, and before long the blond-bombshell is spewing out a handsome load of jizz in appreciation. A move replicated by Ferdynand just a few moments later!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 94 mins, Year: 2016

Price: Around £26*

Starring: Alex Candy, Lex Blonde, Kamyk Walker, Sven Laarson, Mike James, Rudy Valentino, Aaron Aurora, Darius Ferdynand, Brad Fitt

Studio: Eye Candy Films

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive, and Radvideo (USA)

Streaming/ Download: Eye Candy Films, See also:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with english subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Eye Candy Films: Summer Affairs
Eye Candy Films, Summer Affairs

Some of the best Staxus scenes compiled on DVD! Summer loving like you've never seen. What could be better than the warm summer air and being in love with that special stud? Watch as these hot boys frolic and play with each other in the summer's bright shining sun, as their love for each other grows just as fast as the grass they're fucking in!

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Also available from Eye Candy Films: Boxset 2 (4 DVD set)
Eye Candy Films, Eye Candy Boxset 2

Some of the best Staxus scenes compiled on DVD! Summer loving like you've never seen. What could be better than the warm summer air and being in love with that special stud? Watch as these hot boys frolic and play with each other in the summer's bright shining sun, as their love for each other grows just as fast as the grass they're fucking in!

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