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Staxus  / Sport Ladz
Sport Ladz: Penalty Shootout - Gay DVD
Starring: Dan Broughton, Tristan Wood, Skylar Blu & Luke Desmond

Sport Ladz, Penalty Shootout


Featuring former
Mr Gay UK 2007
Dan Broughton
Dan Broughton

Catch Dan in the following Gay DVD releases
Penalty Shootout
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Growing Up & Moving Out

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Out on the pitch their job is to score goals, but when they’re together in the locker-room it’s all about scoring holes, as this superb soccer-inspired offering from Michael Burling is only too eager to demonstrate.

Featuring the premier talents of some of STAXUS’s finest, including exclusive Billy Rubens, top-stud Paul Walker and power-bottom Skylar Blu, this is a definite must-see for anyone who fantasises about what goes on behind the changing-room doors. Hard cocks, hungry asses and a plethora of spunk make this the perfect shoot out!

Scene 1: Jonny Castle Plays The Field – And Gets To Ride Billy Rubens’s Uncut Cock As A Reward!

Starring: Billy Rubens, Jonny Castle
Also available: Brexit Fuckers 3 (2 DVD set)

Sport Ladz, Penalty Shootout

You’d think they’d get enough exercise out on the pitch, but it seems that Billy Rubens and Jonny Castle still have plenty of energy left over to engage in a totally different kind of exercise – their insatiable libidos aided, no doubt, by the consumption of a bevy or two. Indeed, there’s enthusiasm aplenty as the two lads waste no time at all in getting out of their kits for some feverishly wild cock-sucking – first from Castle, who feasts on his buddy’s dick like it’s almost going out of fashion; then from Rubens, who can’t resist fondling his own dick as he does so.

It’s a feverish kick-off to proceedings, that’s for sure; and by the time that Rubens unfurls a rubber over his knob-end both lads are hyped up for the main course of action. Once again, young Castle holds nothing back, diving straight into fifth gear as he quite literally plonks his ass down on his team-mate’s lap, taking every solid uncut inch in the process.

It’s almost enough to make a grown man wince, but given by the manner with which he proceeds to ride the ramrod – his own hard dick bouncing up and down wildly in the process – it’s clear that this is a fellow who revels in deliciously wild fornication at any opportunity. And believe us, he doesn’t disappoint here, ably savouring every single thrust that Rubens can muster whilst laid out on his back, legs akimbo, on the sofa. Even this little sex-fiend can’t hold out forever, though; and it’s with a distinct air of relief that both lads finally unburden their swollen sacs of all that sweet, sticky man-juice. Fuck over, and it’s time to break open the beer!

Scene 2: Post-Match Blues Get Banged Away As Paul Walker Gives His Mate’s Ass A Locker Room Workout!

Starring: Paul Walker and Jake Kelvin
Also available: Athletic Ass Bangers 2 (Compilation)

Sport Ladz, Penalty Shootout

Let’s face it folks, who wouldn’t feel a bit overawed by finding themselves alone in a locker-room with the one and only Paul Walker? Well, that’s certainly the impression that Jake Kelvin gives when the two of them return from action on the pitch – and it doesn’t take many seconds for the ever-assured Walker to take full advantage of the situation. Clearly sensing that he’s set for another easy fuck, the young stallion’s got Kelvin down on the floor in order to pay homage to that meaty, cut knob of his – and believe us, any initial awkwardness is promptly dismissed as Kelvin savours every rampant inch that his fuck-buddy can thrust in his direction.

Sport Ladz, Penalty Shootout

Not that a fellow of Walker’s disposition is ever gonna be content with a mere blowjob, mind – no matter how enthusiastic it might be! No, what this stud wants is a taste of that tight little asshole that he knows is nestled between Kelvin’s butts; and needless to say it’s no time at all before that’s exactly what the fellow is enjoying!

The pleasure’s not all one-way traffic, however. Kelvin responds with understandable relish at having eight inches of dick pushed into his guts; and, having bounced up and down on Walker’s pogo-stick, accommodates the oversized shaft from behind like a long-term pro! It’s enough to bring out the animal in anyone – and Walker responds accordingly, banging away with typical verve and energy. Suffice it to say it’s not long before both lads are ready to hit the back of the net, producing a veritable cascade of jizz that leaves both cocks well-drained and satisfied. Just like yours, no doubt!

Scene 3: Stiff Stud Gets A Locker Room Rub-Down From His Cute, Cock-Crazy, Cum-Loving Masseur!

Starring: Dan Broughton and Tristan Wood

Sport Ladz, Swim Meat, Dan Broughton

Injury is the biggest fear of any sportsman, so it’s little wonder that hunky Dan Broughton should seem a little concerned in his team’s locker-room when his back starts to niggle him. It’s just as well for him, therefore, that young Tristan Wood is on hand to give him a good old-fashioned rub-down – a task that the fresh-faced youth adopts with quite understandable enthusiasm. After all, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to run their fingers over Broughton’s toned, tattooed flesh?

As it happens, mind, it’s not all one-way appreciation. Broughton is clearly just as taken with the cute little twink’s massaging skills as Wood is smitten with the athlete’s splendid physique; and as such it’s no surprise when the two buddies are reciprocating an oral appreciation of each other’s dicks. Not surprisingly, perhaps – given Broughton’s physical advantage – it’s the older lad who boasts the more impressive ramrod. That in itself is good news for the pale-skinned masseur, who feasts on all that swollen flesh with unmistakable gusto; before allowing his sporting hero to thrust his oversized shaft deep into his guts!

What ensues is a terrifically erotic display of nad-busting fornication, which will have every sport-fuck fantasist giving their dick a well-earned finger-clenching workout; though arguably it’s Broughton spraying his wad over the youngster’s face, then smearing his cock on the boy’s face, that’s the highlight!

Scene 4: Cute Twink Gets Three Cocks For The Price Of One – Not To Mention Oodles Of Pent-Up Cum!

Starring: Skylar Blu, Luke Desmond, Jordan Fox and Paul Walker

Sport Ladz, Penalty Shootout

They may not all play for the same side out on the pitch, but you can rest assured that when it comes to the antics that take place in the dressing room both before and after the match the likes of Skylar Blu, Luke Desmond, Jordan Fox and the irrepressible Paul Walker are all very much sucking off the same team-sheet! Indeed, there’s no questioning the oral skills of the ever-horny Blu during the opening minutes of this terrific fourway, as he quite literally takes on the blue team trio with all the gusto and enthusiasm that you’d expect from this cock-crazed pro.

In contrast, there’s a good many lesser stars who would find themselves in awe of all the rock-hard dick on offer; but this dirty little fucker takes everything in his stride, even holding his own as all three cocks try to find their way into his mouth at the same time! Not that it’s Blu’s mouth that they’re ultimately interested in. No, this gang of mindless soccer thugs have only one goal in mind here, and it’s not long before they’re taking turns at banging their balls against Blu’s hungry little fuck-hole – a highlight of which includes a mid-air cradle-fuck!

No question about it, Skylar’s totally in his element; and by the time he’s being spit-roasted out on the bench there’s every good chance that you’ll have knocked out an appreciative load – or two! But the final spunk-draining moments of the scene – which see Blu getting all three loads splattered over his face – shouldn’t be missed, and are almost certainly worthy of one last gasp wank from all our fans. All told, a Premier League performance all round!

Scene 5: Solo starring Liam Martin

Sport Ladz, Penalty Shootout
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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 90 mins, Year: 2014

Price: Around £25*

Starring: Jonny Castle, Billy Rubens, Paul Walker, Dan Broughton, Tristan Wood, Skylar Blu, Luke Desmond, Jordan Fox, Jake Kelvi, Liam Martin

Director: John Smith

Studio: Staxus / Sport Ladz

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Downloads / Video On Demand: Sport Ladz, See also:

Member site:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with english subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding


Also available from Staxus Sport Ladz: Aced

Staxus Sport Ladz, Aced

Some young guys dream of winning Wimbledon or some other tennis slam; but others, like this horny bunch of top-notch fuckers, simply want to enjoy slamming of a very different kind – namely into horny, tight holes! So it’s off with the whites and on with a hot serving of wild, raw fornication, as the likes of the ever-popular Orlando White and living sex-god, Paul Walker, cum off-court for a volley of spunk-stained escapades that’ll get you fuckin’ creaming in no time! Prepare to face game, set and match for the wank of your life!

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Also available from Staxus / Sport Ladz: Swim Meat
Staxus Sport Ladz, Up and Under

It’s arguably the very best form of exercise, but for these horny young things swimming isn’t always enough. Indeed, all that fun in the water seems to leave them with an urge for an even more strenuous workout – only this time between the sheets! Or in the locker-room. Or indeed anywhere where the fancy takes! Just so long as it involves hard cock and results in plenty of spunk! Jaxon Radoc, Billy Rubens and Alex Silvers lead a flotilla of cuties whose idea of the ultimate splash is an ass-stretching, cum-sodden frenzy!

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