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Brit Ladz
Brit Ladz: Well 'Ard - Gay DVD

Brit Ladz, Well 'Ard

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Hard fucking studs who don't give a shit as long as the sex is rough and filthy. Big cocks, bigger egos and gushing loads from uncut fat cocks. Big - hard - and relentless - just the way they like it!

Scene 1: Dirty fuckin’ scallies get sucking dick & pounding ass like animals!

Cast: Scally Jay and Josh Jared

Brit Ladz, Well 'Ard

You see their ilk around town all the time – smoking, wearing trackies, donning tattoos and cropped hair – and they always leave us gays wondering. Just what do these scally lads (with so much spare time on their hands) get up to together behind closed doors? Well as far as Scally Jay and Josh Jared are concerned, the answer to that question is quite clearly a terrific amount of cock-sucking – after all, how else can you explain the skill and ease with which both lads perform head on each other?

Believe us, these guys love dick big time and enjoy nothing better than having one of their mate’s knobs thrusting down their throats. Not that Scally Jay’s passions end there. He’s more than eager to give Jared’s crack a real hard pounding; and having rimmed his pal’s ass-hole with almost military precision, he finally gets to push that raging cock of his deep inside that hungry hole. What follows is a sweaty, breathless, four-letter-word of a copulation between two dirty Brit lads that only concludes when Jay’s able to dump a splendid rope of fresh jizz all over the filthy bottom’s face. No fuckin’ wonder Jared tosses himself off in excitement, leaving nothing but smiles all round.

Scene 2: Brutal, Sweaty Threesome Gets These Brit Lads Well ‘Ard & Pumping!

Cast: Mike Stafford, Fraser Jacs and Adam Watson

Brit Ladz, Well 'Ard

If you like your porn stars to be well-mannered and refined then chances are you’re not gonna be greatly smitten with these three ruffians – lads who ooze raw masculinity from every sweaty pore and who (like Mike Stafford and Fraser Jacs) think nothing of copping off together in the local public toilets.

These guys are scallies in every sense of the word – dudes you see hanging around street corners in their Nike tee-shirts, heavy neck-chains and top-dollar trainers. In fact, you can almost smell the manly musk from the screen as the devilishly handsome Adam Watson joins proceedings back outside, creating a right dirty threesome that’ll have lovers of all things chav getting themselves into quite a proverbial frenzy. No shaved chests or asses here, folks. These men are every inch the genuine article; and it’s with almost animalistic charm that Watson mounts Stafford’s ass whilst Jacs completes the spit-roast from the other side.

Needless to say, the natural style of camerawork only adds to the appeal; and by the time Stafford is taking a wad-load of jizz across his face chances are you’ll have busted your nut. In short, an unapologetic slice of rough Brit porn!

Scene 3: Two dirty chavs rim and fuck for all their cheap meat’s worth!

Cast: Damian Boss and Luke Desmond

Brit Ladz, Well 'Ard

If your idea of a good time is watching a couple of filthy bastards copping off in some dirty back-alley then you’re onto a winner here, thanks to the unrefined talents of Damian Boss and Luke Desmond – a pair of well-hung bastards who are every inch as rough and manly in action as first impressions suggest.

Brit Ladz, Well 'Ard

Indeed, these lads clearly think nothing of drinking beer and smoking a fag as they take turns to suck on each other’s knobs; with Desmond’s penchant for his mate’s oversized cock serving as the main impetus of the encounter. Not that Boss is in any way less enthusiastic – least of all when Desmond’s asshole is fully exposed and crying out to be rimmed – but it’s the younger, capped chav who appears the more desperate. No more so than when opportunity finally comes for the lad to mount Boss’ handsome monster – something that Desmond does with typical (and quite understandable) eagerness.

After all, who wouldn’t want to give a dick like that the kind of attention it deserves? Suffice to report that it’s not long before both boys are reaching the point of no return, blasting the contents of their heavy, hairy balls all over Desmond’s belly. Well wicked!

Scene 4: Cock-Suckin’, Ass-Stretchin’ Fun From A Pair Of Filthy Young Scallies!

Cast: Nick Wilson and Scally Jay

Brit Ladz, Well 'Ard

No question about it, Scally Jay’s interests are limited to say the least – but then that’s what comes of having a one-track mind. In short his only concern is getting his thick, meaty, uncut cock firmly imbedded into the next hot, horny ass that veers his way – in this instance the ass in question belonging to Nick Wilson, a tattooed, football-obsessed member of the underclass who’ll appeal to anyone who likes his guys on the rough and ready side.

For sure, there’s very little refined about Jay’s conquest here, but with a healthy rod like his between his thighs that’s not exactly a problem. Indeed, Wilson’s dick is very much a thing of beauty and certainly warrants young Jay’s deep-throated attention for a great deal of the opening forays; but it isn’t too long before Wilson is returning the compliment by rimming his mate’s hairy ass.

Thereupon events quickly escalate towards their climax, with Jay finally exercising his mating rights by giving Wilson’s pucker a real hard pummelling; before crowing his performance by splattering the bottom’s face with goo and then promptly fucking off. Leaving Wilson to knock a handsome wad of Brit-jizz all over himself for you dirty pervs.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, British Gay DVDs

Running Time: 75 mins, Year: 2012

Price: Around £15* / €17.50

Starring: Damian Bross, Mike Staford, Luke Desmond, Adam Watson, Frasor Jacs, Scally Jay, Nick Wilson

Director: Michael Burling

Studio: Brit Ladz

Buy DVDs online at:, Homoactive and Radvideo (US)

Gay Video On Demand: Staxus / Brit Ladz, See also:

Homoactive downloads: Brit Ladz

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Staxus: Brexit Fuckers (2 DVD Compilation)
Staxus, Brexit Fuckers (2 DVD set)

We’ve heard all the arguments about whether Britain should be in and out of Europe – but now get ready to see a fantastic collection of Brit boys getting in and out of each other’s arses! Indeed, these lads don’t give a flying fuck about the pros and cons of the Single Market or Schengen. All they’re interested in is the next hot fuck and load of hot cum!

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Also available from Brit Ladz: Chavs Vs. Hoodies
Brit Ladz, Chavs Vs. Hoodies

Having taken on the Skaterboys, those hot and horny Chavs turn their attention to the so-called menace of our streets – the Hoodies! When they’re not mugging old ladies and being chased by the police, these bad-boy Hoodies are clearly after one thing and one thing only: hard cock! And the bigger the better. What’s more, they don’t care where they get it – both indoors and out! Lucky for them that the Chavs are more than willing (and equipped) to satisfy ...

Please click here for more information or to buy
Also available from Brit Ladz: Chavs Vs. Skaters
Brit Ladz, Chavs Vs. Skaters

It’s a question that’s been concentrating the minds of philosophers for eons: Who’s best? Chavs or Skaters? Well, now’s the time for you to make up your own mind, as a collection of hard-nosed (not to mention hard-cocked!) Chavs hit upon a series of board-obsessed Skaterboys for a series of jizz-soaked encounters that’ll have you tugging on your joystick time and time again. Classic Brit porn – whichever side of the youth divide you happen to fall!

Please click here for more information or to buy
Also available from Brit Ladz: Fucking Mechanics
Brit Ladz, Fucking Mechanics

Fans of grease monkeys will be in their element here as a stupendous collection of the hottest, cutest young mechanics get together to work their rock hard tools on the tightest, freshest holes around! If you have a thing for guys in blue collars then we reckon it’s time you sat back and oiled your spanners in readiness for the latest filth that the English working class. All topped off with oodles of grime, sweat and (of course) prime scally spunk!

Please click here for more information or to buy
Also available from Brit Ladz: Scally Shooters
Brits, Scally Shooters

Hard and horny British fuckers take it out on waiting ass in Bulldog Brits, ripping down trousers and plunging straight in, mercilessly fucking until orgasm! Rough scally lads get down and dirty in the opener. In a basement room, new face Alfie - covered in tattoos with a rough and ready look - teams up with old favourite Grant Joshua and fucks him rigid im to hold his hole open as his tongue drives in deep...

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