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Brit Ladz
Brit Ladz: Office Deliveries - Gay DVD

Brit Ladz, Office Deliveries

Is there anything better to break the monotony of the ordinary working day than the arrival of some hunky delivery guy who has a nice big package that needs immediate attention ...? Well, not for these boys that’s for sure. In fact, these filthy-minded fuckers seem to live and breathe for the next hardcore package from their local delivery depot, as they suck and ride one hard cock after another! No more 9 to 5 blues here, guys. Just a rampant series of spunky deliveries from some of the horniest sluts in the biz!

Scene 01: Horny Office Guy Gets A Real Hard Fuck From Common Chav Boy!

Cast: Kyle Dickson and Connor Levi

Brit Ladz, Office Deliveries

It’s a tale of two contrasting styles here, as young office worker, Kyle Dickson, is interrupted having a wank in front of his computer by chav-wannabe, Connor Levi. Not that Levi appears in any way perturbed by what he discovers when he steps into the room – instead, he simply pulls down his trackers and thrusts his thick, swollen dick into Dickson’s face.

Suffice it to say that it’s a move that clearly meets with the office boy’s approval given that Dickson responds in very eager fashion, hungrily engulfing Levi’s cock with his lips and then slurping on the handsome chav’s ramrod like a being possessed. Not that anyone who’s seen Dickson in action before will be any way surprised by his reaction here. He’s always been a veritable cock-slut in every sense, and he clearly won’t be happy until he’s got Levi’s dick deep inside his ass – something he achieves with remarkable ease!

Indeed, before you know it he’s being fucked over his desk like a common whore, and it’s little wonder that he’s soon busting a nut as a result. Nor should it come as a surprise when he lets Levi cum in his mouth – let’s face it, he’s that sort of filthy fucker. Office work has rarely looked so hot!

Scene 02: Fucked By A Chav Beauty, Brad Fitt Gets An Eyeful Of Hot Spunk!

Cast: Brad Fitt and Sean Savoy
Also available: Brexit Fuckers 3 (2 DVD set)

Brit Ladz, Office Deliveries

Brad Fitt has never been able to resist a horny chav, even on his off days, so his introduction to Sean Savoy has rather predictable results. Minutes after the two of them meeting the young twink is quite literally sat on Savoy’s lap and eagerly chewing the fellow’s face off – well let’s face it, Fitt has always been a bit of a dirty little slut, and this episode does nothing to dispel such a fine reputation.

Brit Ladz, Office Deliveries

Indeed, you just know that the lad is quite literally gagging to have Savoy’s dick deep inside him right from the very beginning. That said, it’s an equally valid point to say that Savoy is not exactly reticent when it comes to wanting to fuck the pup; and by the time the two lads have taken turns to blow each other off it’s difficult to say which one of these guys is the keener.

Let’s just take satisfaction from knowing that both boys are hot to trot when it comes to the actual fuck, and what follows – Savoy banging away at Fitt’s tight ass like a dirty animal – is not going to disappoint anyone. Ultimate judgement, however, may arguably rest with the cum-shots – that produced by Savoy proving a veritable multi-shot shocker that poor ill-prepared Fitt is unlikely to ever forget!

Scene 03: Blond Boy Gives His Pal’s Mouth & Ass A Real Hardcore Stretch!

Cast: Kamyk Walker and Josh Adams

Brit Ladz, Office Deliveries

Blond twink, Kamyk Walker, isn’t the sort of boy who can let a young chav out of his sight without first having worked him over, so to speak, so it’s no surprise that he should follow young Josh Adams into a quiet, back office when the two of them meet. Indeed, his intent is as obvious as the nose on his face – not to mention the cock in his crotch! – as he forces the youngster down onto a table and begins to feast on all that hard, youthful flesh that Adams keeps nestled in his trackers.

Not that Adams’ dick stays there for long. Walker’s slurping down on it like a dog on heat in no time at all, leaving Adams’ head reeling – in more ways than one! But the blond lad’s ambition is clearly not limited to a bit of mindless fellatio. He’s not going to be content until he’s balls-deep in his pal’s hungry little asshole – which is just as well given that bitch-boy Adams is equally determined to get the fucking of his life out of proceedings.

As such it’s only a matter of time – and a short time at that – before the two bucks are heartily banging away over a desk, with Adams’ ass getting the kind of five-star stretching it deserves. All nicely rounded off with a cascade of sticky twink-jizz!

Scene 04: Sleazy Toilet Suck-Off Sees Kai Alexander Fucked Hard Before He Gobbles Jizz!

Cast: Kai Alexander, Lucas Davidson

Brit Ladz, Office Deliveries

Who can honestly put their hand on their heart and say they haven’t been tempted to glance at the guy standing next to them when stood at a public urinal? Not a guy like Kai Alexander, that’s for sure. Why, he’s a fuckin’ horny runt at the best of times, but stand him next to a rampant, hard-cocked stud like Lucas Davidson and there’s only ever gonna be one outcome.

Lo and behold, the suited and booted Alexander is down on his knees almost before you can catch your breath, sucking the life out of Davidson’s handsome, uncut dick! Not that that should come as any great surprise. The dark-headed lad’s boner is definitely worth close inspection, after all; and even given the inevitable easing off of the gas when the roles are temporarily reversed and Alexander then takes chance to rim his pal’s ass, it’s pretty obvious where Davidson’s cock is finally headed.

Cue a terrific, against-the-wall fuck that the power-bottom clearly enjoys from the very start, as Davidson quickly works himself cock-deep into Alexander’s fuck-hole. So much so that having dumped his own load over the nearby hand-basin, the fellow concludes proceedings by kneeling open-mouthed and swallowing every drop of pent-up goo that Davidson’s nads can produce!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, British Gay DVDs

Running Time: 90 mins, Year: 2013

Price: Around £15* / €17.50

Starring: Sean Savoy, Brad Fitt, Kai Alexander, Lucas Davidson, Connor Levi, Kyle Dickson, Kamyk Walker, Josh Adams

Director: Michael Burling

Studio: Brit Ladz

Buy DVDs online at:, Homoactive and Radvideo (US)

Gay Video On Demand: Staxus / Brit Ladz, See also:

Homoactive downloads: Brit Ladz

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Staxus: Brexit Fuckers (2 DVD Compilation)
Staxus, Brexit Fuckers (2 DVD set)

We’ve heard all the arguments about whether Britain should be in and out of Europe – but now get ready to see a fantastic collection of Brit boys getting in and out of each other’s arses! Indeed, these lads don’t give a flying fuck about the pros and cons of the Single Market or Schengen. All they’re interested in is the next hot fuck and load of hot cum!

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Also available from Brit Ladz: Up North
Brit Ladz, Up North

The so-called North-South Divide has always been contentious in the UK; and nowhere is the alleged difference more acute than between those boys who hail from the soft southern counties and those who come from the grittier towns up north! Lads like Connor Levi, whose hard northern upbringing has clearly given him a longing for things that are hard in general – be it from north, south, east or west!

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Also available from Brit Ladz: On The Job
Brit Ladz, On The Job

Most of us hate having to get our paint-brushes out – we'd much rather be out on the town having fun with our friends (both old and new). But for this group of kinky Brit boys it's all very much a means to an end. White-washing walls soon gets transformed into white-washing throats and asses, as the likes of Skylar Blu, Ethan White and Kyle Dickson kick off their overalls and savour whatever big, uncut dicks come their way – usually, quite literally!

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Also available from Brit Ladz: Hoodie Sluts
Brit Ladz, Hoodie Sluts

Connor Levi and Brad Fitt lead a great cast of horny chavs and rough scallies. We are welcomed in their council flats to see them suck big hard cocks and fuck tight willing holes!

Cast: Connor Levi, Jesse Magowen, Brad Fitt, Kevin Ateah, Jamie Sykes, Riley Smith, Kamyk Walker

Click here for more information or to buy
Also available from Brit Ladz: Chavs Vs. Footballers
Brit Ladz, Chavs vs Footballers

It’s a question that has dominated philosophical debate for eons: Who’s better? Chavs or footballers? Okay, so maybe the greatest minds aren’t exactly wracked over the issue, but one thing’s for sure – this collection of horny sports boys and their tearaway counterparts will quickly help you overcome any post-Olympic blues. Well-hung and all as horny as fuck, these lads just can’t wait to tear into each other for a cock-crazed, spunk-fuelled festival of hot fornication!

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