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Brit Ladz
Brit Ladz: Hoodie Sluts - Gay DVD

Tearaway scoundrels, Connor Levi and Jesse Magowan, lead an all-star cast of rough scallies and their hoodie mates – the kind you just love to see hanging around the local shopping precinct or the nearby park. What you probably never realised, however, is just how much these rough fuckers love dick and how they spend all their free time fucking around with their fuck-buddies in their council flats. With Brad Fitt, Jamie Sykes and Kamyk Walker, this great cast of horny bastards prove once again what makes Britain’s underclass so fucking great!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Young Blond Dude Gets Well-Pounded By An Older Monster Dick!

Cast: Jesse Magowan and Riley Smith
Also available: Brexit Fuckers 3 (2 DVD set)

Brit Ladz, Hoodie Sluts

It’s hard not to like a boy with a big dick – no matter what his personality might happen to be – so you can pretty much understand the mutual attraction that seems to exist between Jesse Magowan and Riley Smith, both of whom are more than adequately equipped in the cock stakes. A fact that won’t escape your attention, that’s for fucking sure, as the two lads take the chance to slurp on each other’s knobs over the sofa.

Smith, in particular, has the kind of salami in his pants that you’re just gonna love – thick, meaty, uncut and clearly in eager mood to give some horny twink’s butt-hole a real good pounding. It’s perhaps just as well then that blond-guy Magowan is more than ready and willing to meet his older pal’s insatiable tastes, mounting Smith’s chopper like a real pro and giving it the kind of hard, ball-bustin’ ride that a beauty like that deserves.

Of course, with a ramrod like that banging away at his ass in pretty much every direction imaginable it’s no great surprise that it’s not long before Magowan is dumping a hefty wad of jizz all over his own belly; leaving Smith to jerk his oversized cock into its own juicy climax. In short, a stupendous full-octane fuck!

Scene 2: Hot Twink Threesome

Cast: Connor Levi, Jesse MacGowen & Brad Fitt
Also available: Brexit Fuckers 2 (2 DVD compilation)

Brit Ladz, Hoodie Sluts

It’s an alarmingly simple formula – get three horny young lads in a room with a bed and tell them to do what comes naturally for the camera – but hey, as we all know, it works every time! So don’t expect any fancy performances from this trio of lads (Brit boys Connor Levi and Jesse Magowan, together with their Slovak fuck-buddy, Brad Fitt). Instead, savour in the trackie-donned delights of three hot chavs in season.

To be perfectly frank the scene is almost half-over before Levi gets his dick out, but don’t for one minute think that that implies lack of action. In fact, Fitt and Magowan have had their cocks worked over by every mouth in the room by this point; but things only get even hotter when Fitt sits himself down on Magowan’s lap and gives that thick, uncut shaft between the Brit boy’s thighs a real good cowboy-style ride. It’s a move that encourages Levi into a similarly inspired fuck, as he then plonks himself down on Fitt’s lap at the same time.

The result is a fabulous fuck-tower; followed by Jesse getting spit-roasted by Fitt and Levi and receiving blasts of cum at both ends! In short, a raunchy, rough-necked suck-and-fuckathon that’ll have you spurting buckets!

Scene 3: Sexy Brit Chav Boyz Savour A Totally Raw Flip-Flop Fuck-Fest!

Cast: Kamyk Walker and Kevin Ateah

Brit Ladz, Hoodie Sluts

Try as hard as you like but we defy any self-respecting chav lover not to fall head-over-heels in lust with Kevin Ateah and Kamyk Walker as they strut their underclass credentials in this filthy little number from director Michael Burling. Filmed against a backdrop of a cheap fake-leather sofa and filled to the brim with trackies, hoodies and baseball caps, it’ll have you tugging at your own sweaty crotch quicker than you can swing your bling!

Suffice it to say that both lads are on real top form as they take turns to slurp on each other’s throbbing cock-heads; before Ateah sidles up behind his hot, horny fuck-buddy and stuffs his oversized salami deep into Walker’s hungry love tunnel. It’s a move that signals the start of a wanton, burberry-fuelled fuck-fest, that sees both lads take it in turns to screw each other to the other side of senseless!

Little surprise then that both boys dump over-generous wads of pent-up chav juice for your viewing pleasure; Ateah pumping over his own belly, before Walker tosses off over his mate to add to the sticky goo. It’s filthy, it’s raunchy – and it’s the kind of unrefined Brit porn that restores our pride in the underclass of the UK today!

Scene 4: Cock-Crazed Blond-Brit Gets His Ass Hammered - Just How He Loves it!

Cast: Jamie Sykes, Connor Levi
Also available: Fucking Blonds (2 DVD Compilation)
Also available: Fit As Fuck (Compilation)

Brit Ladz, Hoodie Sluts

Sometimes it’s good to get to know our porn stars just a little bit better – otherwise the boys in question can seem somewhat two-dimensional. And it’s with this in mind that director Michael Burling introduces us to young Brit beauties, Jamie Sykes and Connor Levi, asking them a series of questions before inviting them to get on with the job at hand (so to speak).

To some viewers all this banter will appear a tad superfluous – especially if you’re simply gagging for a good wank. But to fans of the reality production technique it’ll all serve as an added bonus to what eventually proves to be a fantastically hot coupling! Levi, in particular, is a real joy to watch – a terrific blond boy-babe who clearly just exists for the next hard fuck. Which (as it turns out) Sykes is only too willing and able to give him!

As such it isn’t at all long before Levi is tossing out a fabulous load of pent-up teen jizz for your delectation; whilst his partner in crime gives up an equally delicious wad of baby-batter just a few minutes later. In short, we defy anyone with a taste in hot, young flesh not to be simply overcome by these two horny cock-magnets at the peak of season!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, British Gay DVDs

Running Time: 90 mins, Year: 2013

Price: Around £15* / €17.50

Starring: Connor Levi, Jesse Magowen, Brad Fitt, Kevin Ateah, Jamie Sykes, Riley Smith, Kamyk Walker

Director: Michael Burling

Studio: Brit Ladz

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Gay Video On Demand: Staxus / Brit Ladz, See also:

Homoactive downloads: Brit Ladz

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Staxus: Brexit Fuckers (2 DVD Compilation)
Staxus, Brexit Fuckers (2 DVD set)

We’ve heard all the arguments about whether Britain should be in and out of Europe – but now get ready to see a fantastic collection of Brit boys getting in and out of each other’s arses! Indeed, these lads don’t give a flying fuck about the pros and cons of the Single Market or Schengen. All they’re interested in is the next hot fuck and load of hot cum!

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Also available from Brit Ladz: On The Job
Brit Ladz, On The Job

Most of us hate having to get our paint-brushes out – we'd much rather be out on the town having fun with our friends (both old and new). But for this group of kinky Brit boys it's all very much a means to an end. White-washing walls soon gets transformed into white-washing throats and asses, as the likes of Skylar Blu, Ethan White and Kyle Dickson kick off their overalls and savour whatever big, uncut dicks come their way – usually, quite literally!

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Also available from Brit Ladz: Bareback Innit
Brit Ladz, Bareback Innit

The press have a real downer on them and their supporters in society at large seem few and far between, but for those (like us) who understand just how horny and fit these filthy chav lads can be it’s a totally different story. With their laddish swagger and their mega-sized boners – which they have to play with on a seemingly endless basis – they’re just the kind of boys we love to watch for hours on end.

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Also available from Brit Ladz: Up North
Brit Ladz, Up North

The so-called North-South Divide has always been contentious in the UK; and nowhere is the alleged difference more acute than between those boys who hail from the soft southern counties and those who come from the grittier towns up north! Lads like Connor Levi, whose hard northern upbringing has clearly given him a longing for things that are hard in general – be it from north, south, east or west!

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Also available from Brit Ladz: Chavs Vs. Footballers
Brit Ladz, Chavs vs Footballers

It’s a question that has dominated philosophical debate for eons: Who’s better? Chavs or footballers? Okay, so maybe the greatest minds aren’t exactly wracked over the issue, but one thing’s for sure – this collection of horny sports boys and their tearaway counterparts will quickly help you overcome any post-Olympic blues. Well-hung and all as horny as fuck, these lads just can’t wait to tear into each other for a cock-crazed, spunk-fuelled festival of hot fornication!

Please click here for more information or to buy
Also available from Brit Ladz: Chavs Vs. Hoodies
Brit Ladz, Chavs Vs. Hoodies

Having taken on the Skaterboys, those hot and horny Chavs turn their attention to the so-called menace of our streets – the Hoodies! When they’re not mugging old ladies and being chased by the police, these bad-boy Hoodies are clearly after one thing and one thing only: hard cock! And the bigger the better. What’s more, they don’t care where they get it – both indoors and out! Lucky for them that the Chavs are more than willing (and equipped) to satisfy ...

Please click here for more information or to buy
Also available from Brit Ladz: Chavs Vs. Skaters
Brit Ladz, Chavs Vs. Skaters

It’s a question that’s been concentrating the minds of philosophers for eons: Who’s best? Chavs or Skaters? Well, now’s the time for you to make up your own mind, as a collection of hard-nosed (not to mention hard-cocked!) Chavs hit upon a series of board-obsessed Skaterboys for a series of jizz-soaked encounters that’ll have you tugging on your joystick time and time again. Classic Brit porn – whichever side of the youth divide you happen to fall!

Please click here for more information or to buy
Also available from Brit Ladz: Scally Shooters
Brits, Scally Shooters

Hard and horny British fuckers take it out on waiting ass in Bulldog Brits, ripping down trousers and plunging straight in, mercilessly fucking until orgasm! Rough scally lads get down and dirty in the opener. In a basement room, new face Alfie - covered in tattoos with a rough and ready look - teams up with old favourite Grant Joshua and fucks him rigid im to hold his hole open as his tongue drives in deep...

Please click here for more information or to buy
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