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Elite Male
Elite Male: Shameless Boy Toys
featuring The Visconti Tripets

The  Visconti Triplets, Shameless Boy Toys


Visconti Triplets
Official website

Visconti Triplets - Official site

See also: Brotherhood Secrets

The gay world is about to change forever. While brothers have been a novelty in the past, they have been few and far between. Now Elite Male presents the Visconti Triplets!

Description / Review:
Scene.1: Fabulous Tattooed Beefcake Coupling
It's no great surprise that tattooed beefcake, Jack Dragon, should be feeling horny. Not only is he surrounded by a bunch of the hottest Hungarians around, but he begins the movie by being blown by frisky twink, Brent Moon. Having been rudely been interrupted by the arrival of Moon's boyfriend, Pat Stevenson, Dragon promptly turns his attention to Claudio Antonelli, another fabulous hunk who's sleeping away like a baby in the next room. Not that he's left sleeping for very long! Before you know it the two musclemen are using the futon to 69, rim, suck and (ultimately) fuck like a couple of wild dogs on heat. All against a sumptuous backdrop that's almost as tasty as the guys themselves. Stunning! And proof indeed that you don't always need a twink to get fabulous sex!

The  Visconti Triplets, Shameless Boy Toys
The  Visconti Triplets, Shameless Boy Toys

Scene.2: Cute Pups Getting Hot & Horny
Having been abandoned to their own devices by Jack Dragon in the previous scene, Pat Stevenson and Brent Moon - a pair of divine-looking pups if ever there were any - continue with their sensual escapade, with only a leather sofa for company. Not that these lads need any help when it comes to enjoying the more sensual side of life, that's for sure. Least of all Moon, who's innocent charm disguises a personality that clearly lives for the next hard cock. Lucky for him, then, that he's met Stevenson, who really does have a shaft that could take someone's eye out if not handled correctly. Moon, however, knows exactly what to do. Riding the monster in every direction imaginable. Little wonder the two lads ultimately spurt like sperm whales at the scene's fevered conclusion.

Scene.3: The Visconti Triplets Strike Again!
Okay, the scene you perverts have all been waiting for, as the infamous Visconti triplets finally make their appearance - this time in the company of the unbelievably lucky, Chris Sparrow. Why, to have one of these east-bloc beauties in your bed would almost defy belief, but to have three of them - well, surely that's a dream come true in every single sense. To his credit, however, Sparrow never once appears to allow the occasion to overwhelm him. Rather he takes all three boys like a true professional, as the brothers rim, suck and finally screw him in time-honoured fraternal fashion. Whether such almost-incestuous antics are right and proper is a matter of debate, we're sure, but the Visconti lads clearly cater for a big fantasy for a whole legion of die-hard fans - and if you're one of them then consider yourself almost as lucky as the little Sparrow himself.

Scene.4: Hot Ride On A Black Leather Sofa
We know this isn't billed as the show-stopper, but there's still something incredibly sexy about this magnificent pairing: Peter Shadow, a slightly balding, cropped-haired top, and Latino super-bottom, Ricardo Shepperd. Is it the lush surroundings that gives the performance an extra buzz? Or the fact that they fuck like rabbits on a black leather settee? Possibly, of course. But we've a suspicion it's got more to do with the way Shepperd rides Shadow's thick, uncut shaft, cowboy-style, whilst Shadow himself curls himself over to suck his partner's knob-end. Sounds almost physically impossible we know, but these two beauties manage it with real pezazz! As for their eventual cum-shots, well who would've imagined that two sets of balls could produce so much cream?

Scene.5: Flip-Flop Bubble-Butt Banging Session
That cutie, Pat Stevenson, is a devilish young thing - the sort of guy who obviously thinks nothing of interrupting a pair of rutting lovers, getting himself blown to ecstasy and then leaving to carry on with his duties. Which is pretty much what he does here, the dirty bastard! As for Mickey and Marc Dievo, the lovers in question, the escapade appears to do little but encourage them into hotter and hornier things. Abandoning their initial cock-sucking frenzy for some real butt-banging ass action. And like a couple of real professionals, they each take it in turn to ride cock - which in Dievo's case really is a sight to behold, laid out as he is with his gorgeous bubble-butt wracked high in the air. Little wonder that handsome Mickey produces arguably the cum-shot of the show in the process.


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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 90 mins, Year: 2009

Price: Around £30*

Starring: Joey Visconti, Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Peter Shadow, Mickey, Jack Dragon, Brent Moon, Chris Sparrow, Claudio Antonelli, Marc Dievo, Pat Stevenson, Ricardo Sheppard

Director: Jozsef Budai

Studio: Elite Male

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Gay Video on Demand: Elite Male, See also

Visconti Triplets - Official website

Country: Hungary, Language: Hungarian with english subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding


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Visconti Brothers, Nature Calls

You've all heard about the stories that happen during camping and when it comes to gorgeous young men and the outdoors, all bets are off. Every one of the stories in Nature Calls is true, and then some! It's not different with the Visconti twins - their hunger for sex in and outside the tents explodes literally in front of you. Non-stop fucking and sucking is guaranteed to entice you to head outdoors and re-live the experience!

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Elite Male, College Daze, Visconti Triplets

College Daze features the magnificent Visconti triplets and they go to prove that college dormitories have been, and will always be, a magnet to non-stop action from their sex-crazed, young, lustful inhabitants. The Visconti triplets live in one of these infamous college dorms and the neighbouring room is not spared from their aching hunger for dicks, asses and mouths.

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Also available from Elite Male: Doing Hard Time

Elite Male, Doing Hard Time, Visconto Triplets

What happens behind bars stays behind bars until Elite's cameramen reveals the mystery in Doing Hard Time. One of the Visconti triplets' mischief lands them in jail and, now joined with his brothers, he learns the hard way of how to take care of business behind bars. The result is hardcore sex all around that doesn't spare the asshole of one of the guards either. He gets fucked hard by the three throbbing dicks of the triplets.

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Also available from Elite Male: The Cellar

Visconti Brothers, The Cellar

With no plot to speak of, there's still some great man-sex action in The Cellar! As every day is different from one day to the next, your tastes vary - some days you're into vanilla while on other days you might crave something much more exciting.

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Also available from Elite Male: Brotherhood Secrets (Visconti Triplets)

Visconti Brothers, Brotherhood Secrets

The gay world is about to change forever. While brothers have been a novelty in the past, they have been few and far between. Now Elite Male presents the Visconti Triplets!

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Also available from Elite Male: For Your Eyes Only (Visconti Triplets)

Visconti Brothers, For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only is your welcome to the Visconti Triplets! They are Hungary's hottest export and the first triplets in the gay industry!

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Also available from Elite Male: Trained To Obey (Visconti Triplets)

Elite Male, Trained To Obey

For the Visconti Triplets, the journey of becoming immortal stars of the entertainment industry hasn't finished just yet. Oh no, it's just the beginning - and they know it! Getting better with each release, this third Visconti Triplets flick - Trained To Obey - features a great cast (with the boys of course looking more and more stunning), military disciplining, some very tasty oral cumshots....

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