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Elite Male
Elite Male: Brotherhood Secrets
featuring The Visconti Tripets

Brotherhood Secrets, The  Visconti Triplets


Visconti Triplets
Official website

Visconti Triplets - Official site

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The gay world is about to change forever. While brothers have been a novelty in the past, they have been few and far between. Now Elite Male presents the Visconti Triplets!

Description / Review:
The gay adult world is about to change forever. While brothers have been a novelty in the past, they have been few and far between. Now, Elite Male presents the Visconti Triplets in Brotherhood Secrets. The Triplet's first film exposes their life behind-the-scenes at a photo shoot, and captures their smiles and eroticism. A dream come true, the Triplets will capture your heart.

The Visconti Triplets
The Visconti Triplets

Brotherhood Secrets puts the Triplets in the hands of a devious photographer with his agenda to seduce his models. It all begins innocently enough, in an upscale home with an indoor pool. While doing some test shots, new models arrive for the photographer to review. Two of them make the cut, but another does not.

The rejected model lurks outside, peering in the windows, and stalks the photographer as he goes to leave in his limo. Invited in for a ride, he auditions impressively. As the scenery drifts past the limo's windows, the model and photographer manage to assume every position possible in the tight quarters of the back seat.

Brotherhood Secrets, The Visconti Triplets

Left alone inside, the Triplets are still by the pool with two other models that were being photographed. Leaving five men in speedos alone anywhere is going to lead to trouble. The two models, knowing the Visconti's are the stars, set out to service them hoping to be cast for the photo shoot. Joey watches while his other two brothers, Jimmy and Jason, are serviced by the two hungry models. In this, the longest scene in the film, the Visconti's prove their athleticism by plowing these two guys in every position possible, one of them getting it in both ends from Joey and Jason.

One of the models leaves from his performance by the pool, and goes to the bathroom, only to be confronted by his lover who caught him cheating with the Viscontis. At first the scorned lover rejects his boyfriend's advances and attempts of apology. But a stiff cock wins every time and they end up fucking in the Jacuzzi tub. The cheating model, having just been plowed by the Viscontis, gets it again by his hugely hung boyfriend who takes this opportunity to grudge-fuck his boyfriend hard and deep.

Brotherhood Secrets, The Visconti Triplets

Off in another room, the photographer and his assistant are shooting another model who shows off in his speedo. Clearly, the model is more into the photographer and his assistant than the photoshoot. He rubs his cock and the photographer sets down his camera taking out his own cock. The model takes the cue and sucks it eagerly. The assistant, still shooting pictures himself, watches and sets down his camera. The two then switch back and forth as they throat fuck the model slowly and with control, to the point of gagging. They end up tag teaming him while he sucks the photographer and gets reamed by the assistant's huge cock.

Back in the studio, two assistants are cleaning up and organizing the equipment when the discover a laptop which has all the photography shot so far. They glance at each other and sit down, looking at the images together. The photoshoot arouses them, and they begin to rub their crotches. A kiss leads to passionate groping of each other's bodies - clothes coming off quickly. The one assistant has a huge cock, which the other is happy to service. He deep throats it as best as he can. Raging hard, the assistant being sucked flips his cocksucker around and services his dick. He gets him hot and dripping, then moves his tongue down past his balls to his eager hole. Working the hole with his tongue, he gets it wet. With the ass in the air, he stands over it and plunges his cock straight down into the hole - every inch. He begins to plow the bottom in long, smooth strokes.

In another room, Jimmy and Jason wake from a nap, get up and coming down the stairs, discover the two assistants fucking. Watching, they begin to rub their crotches and whip out their big cocks and stroke them to the action in front of them.

Jimmy and Jason move over to join in. The bottom switches back and forth between the two Visconti cocks, while the assistant that was topping, strokes his cock, playing with Jason's smooth bubble-butt. Jason shoots first, all over the bottom's chest, followed by Jimmy whose spurts hit his chest, neck and ear. The top, lying back on the sofa, strokes a big load out and hits his chest, stomach and abs. Finally the bottom cums after sucking every cock in the room and being plowed good as well.

Yes, it's all real. And no, you're not seeing double - you're seeing triple!


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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 123 mins, Year: 2008

Price: Around £27*

Starring: Jason Visconti, Jimmy Visconti, Joey Visconti, Adriano Cassano, Brent Moon, David Cain, Divko, Enrico Bellagio, Jack Dragon, James Jones, Mickey, Rogerio Mateo

Director: Jozsef Budai

Studio: Elite Male

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Gay Video on Demand: Elite Male, See also

Visconti Triplets - Official website

Country: Hungary, Language: Hungarian with english subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding


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Elite Male, Doing Hard Time, Visconto Triplets

What happens behind bars stays behind bars until Elite's cameramen reveals the mystery in Doing Hard Time. One of the Visconti triplets' mischief lands them in jail and, now joined with his brothers, he learns the hard way of how to take care of business behind bars. The result is hardcore sex all around that doesn't spare the asshole of one of the guards either. He gets fucked hard by the three throbbing dicks of the triplets.

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Visconti Brothers, The Cellar

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Visconti Brothers, For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only is your welcome to the Visconti Triplets! They are Hungary's hottest export and the first triplets in the gay industry!

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Also available from Elite Male: Shameless Boy Toys (Visconti Triplets)

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Elite Male, Trained To Obey

For the Visconti Triplets, the journey of becoming immortal stars of the entertainment industry hasn't finished just yet. Oh no, it's just the beginning - and they know it! Getting better with each release, this third Visconti Triplets flick - Trained To Obey - features a great cast (with the boys of course looking more and more stunning), military disciplining, some very tasty oral cumshots....

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