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Bukshot Productions
Buckshot Productions: Hard Studies

Hard Studies, Buckshot Productions


When you're in college sometimes it can be hard studying... and sometimes there are HARD Studies. This latest video release from Buckshot Productions has a little of both in it... and a lot of hard objects of intense study and enjoyment along the way! Ten Buckshot Men are joined by a very special appearance by COLT Man Adam Dexter in a show about all the physical distractions a university student can face.

Scene 1: Brian Hansen - Solo

Hard Studies, Buckshot Productions

Brian Hansen comes home to an apartment where he hears his room mate is busy in the bedroom with none other than Buckshot Man Josh Weston. The two aren’t shy about making noise and Brian can’t study to the sounds of sex. So, he puts his laptop to better use and watches his favorite video star, COLT Man Exclusive Adam Dexter, while he takes matters into his own hands. He’s embarrassed by an interruption when his naked roomie comes out looking for condoms, but soon Adam’s video has him unloading on his own.

Scene 2: Josh Weston & Park Wiley

Hard Studies, Buckshot Productions

Then we get to watch more of the loud oral wind-up as Josh and Park enjoy both cocks and asses, including one of the great ass eating sequences of all time as Park chows down on one of the most famous asses in the all-male adult world! The action heats up even more when Josh starts pounding Park's ass in his trade- marked power-pounding style, with Park hanging on to the bed to keep from falling off. It's followed by a great sequence when Park jumps up and down on the bed, impaling himself on Josh's ready cock. Then just when you think it can't get any better, Josh is on his back and you get to see Park in the driver’s seat! That hole you saw winking at you in the beginning of the scene is getting the attention it’s been calling for! And it’s one happy hole as Park growls with the passion of topping and two great loads jump out of hard and happy cocks.

Scene 3: Alex Cobel, Diego De La Hoya, Ken Browning & Park Wiley

Hard Studies, Buckshot Productions

Brian and Park meet at their local watering hole, and Park soon heads to the backroom to join several “Mr. Right Nows”, while Brian holds out for Mr. Right. The “Mr. Right Nows” are Buckshot Men Diego La Hoya, Alex Cobel and Ken Browning. They’re having a three-way, and don’t even notice as Park joins in by taking an unsucked cock in his mouth. Seamlessly, in the fluidity of backrooms, it’s an instant four-way. Big Ken Browning is on the bottom, doing his best to entertain all partners. In ever changing combinations, he does... including the voyeurs that viewers feel they are right there, just like flies on the wall, only with a better view.

Scene 4: Alex Chandler & Danny Roddick

Hard Studies, Buckshot Productions

Brian wakes up to the sound of the phone ringing. It’s a friend and Buckshot Man Alex Chandler calling to see if Brian would like to come over to join him in sloppy-seconds from the night before with last nights sex partner. Buckshot Man Danny Roddick is blowing Alex outside on the patio while he hears himself described in an effort to lure Brian over. But Brian declines, saving himself for an internet date he has later in the day. So Alex is left alone with Danny, and starts in on him with renewed passion. After returning the favor on Danny’s cock, Alex fingers him to get him ready and then settles in for a long, satisfying, multi-position pounding. Danny’s riding Alex’s cock when he finally can’t take it any longer and shows why Alex wanted seconds the next morning.

Scene 5: Brock Hatcher & Hank Dutch

Hard Studies, Buckshot Productions

Brian is on his way to an internet date that he's been looking forward to. But when he shows up, the guy’s occupied with someone else and doesn’t think twice about blowing him off, and not in a good way. Tattooed daddy and Buckshot Man Brock Hatcher has another tattooed bodybuilder, Buckshot Man Hank Dutch, on the tip of his dick, and that’s all he cares about. He takes what he wants and is one happy daddy. Then he's even happier when Hank turns things around and gives Brock a big beef injection into his meaty ass. These two big, masculine men have two big loads to share at the end.

Scene 6: Adam Dexter & Brian Hansen

Hard Studies, Buckshot Productions

Now for one of the hottest interracial scenes ever shot as Buckshot Exclusive Brian Hansen meets the COLT Man he beats off to in the COLT Studio features... COLT Man Exclusive Adam Dexter. The setting is a gym, where Brian has come to work out his frustrations. Turns out that Adam works out there too, and he has definite ideas of how Brian can help in his workout. Brian is madly in love with Adams huge, black cock, and finds it’s just what he’s been looking for... and a perfect fit! The sexual energy is so thick you could cut it with a knife as these two physical opposites make love in perfect harmony. Brian is given a blowjob while Adam uses his body for arm presses, and fucked while he’s being picked up and held.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 120 mins, Year: 2006

Price: Around £31*

Starring: Brian Hansen, Josh Weston, Hank Dutch, Brock Hatcher, Diego De La Hoya, Park Wiley, Adam Dexter, Danny Roddick, Alex Chandler, Alex Cobel, Ken Browning

Director: Kristofer Weston

Studio: Buckshot Productions

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Gay Video On Demand: Buckshot Productions, See also:

Member site: Colt Studio Group / Buckshot Productions

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Manly Heat: Scorched is the first part of Buckshot Productions' latest erotic epic - a collection of scenes all set on the backdrop of an arid and rugged terrain.

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Also available from Buckshot Productions: Manly Heat 2: Quenched

Manly Heat 2: Quenched is the second part of Buckshot Productions' two-part erotic epic. Brian Hansen, Brad Patton, Joey Jordan, Matt Cole, Corbin Michaels, Colby Taylor, and Jherrad Lopez soak up the cool, wet sensuous atmosphere of this lost lake in Utah.

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Also available from Buckshot Productions: California Boys
Buckshot Productions, California Boys

California, the hot spot in the American South where young and carefree boys are laid back and always horny and none moreso than in California Boys. Before they hit the beach, they get busy between the sheets. Director Max Phillips rounds up a crew of young and hung sun-tanned cuties who are ready and willing to please. Say hello to the California Boys - they're young, hung and tanned!

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Also available from Buckshot Productions: Hard Drive
Buckshot Productions, Hard Drive

Hard Drive welcomes you to the digital age. And what better way to take advantage of all this new technology than to watch hot young guys suck and fuck each other's brains out! The clean boys of Buckshot fill cyber-space with hot, steamy and dirty sex as they download mega-bytes of thick juicy boy-cock. So, load up your Hard Drive and get ready for some hot laptop action!

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Also available from Buckshot Productions: Impulsive
Buckshot Productions, Impulsive

They're Impulsive, good looking, full of energy, carefree and always smiling. The boys of Buckshot have it all, and since boys will be boys, so does the cast of Impulsive. These are guys in their sexual prime enjoying all that a young man's life has to offer, and then some. Life is good, so why not indulge? When these young studs get together for a little guy time, it's only natural that their sexual instincts call the shots.

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Also available from Buckshot Productions: Scored
Buckshot Productions, Scored

They say that idle hands are the devil's playthings, we'll they're more than that in Scored! Bored and with nothing to do, sexy young Buckshot studs Drake Wild and Ryan Lynch suddenly receive a tantalizing text message from a friend saying "We're having sex... lots and lots of sex".

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