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Receive Skaterboy Free with Bareback Sleaze Pit Receive Bareback Skater Twink Free with Bareback Sleaze Pit
SK8 M8S: Hangin' - Gay DVD

Staxus exclusive model Mickey Taylor finally in action on DVD! This ultra hot tattooed English stud receives a right raw fuck from Billy Rubens in this great skater themed DVD! Taylor and Rubens engage in a fabulous session of foot and sock worship, which will appeal to anyone who loves their action to have a little bit of kink! WOW!

Staxus, Sk8 M8S, Hangin'


Scene 1: Skaterboy Foot-Play Soon Turns Into A Hot Bareback Session Of Dick-Draining Fun!

Starring: Chase Hunt and Lucius York
Also available: Now That's What I Call Staxus 2 (2 DVD set)

Staxus, Sk8 M8S, Hangin'

We’ve all known for a long time now that beneath the cool, clean-cut image that skaterboys love to promote, there’s a whole litany of dirty-mindedness going on! As ably demonstrated here in the capable hands – not to mention mouths and asses! – of Chase Hunt and Lucius York, neither of whom look particularly old enough to be engaged in the kind of kinky filth.

For all their innocent looks out on the streets, however, there’s no evidence of reticence from either of these boy-babes once they’re alone in private; and it’s pretty much no time at all before York has charmed Hunt out of his trousers and is giving his mate’s handsome trouser-snake some hardcore mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Shortly afterwards, both guys are stark-bollock-naked and engaging in a very tempting session of 69-ing, feasting on each other’s dicks like a couple of old-time pros, by which time any suggestion that these fellows are inexperienced in any way has been fully dismissed.

York, in particular, clearly knows exactly what he’s looking for in this encounter; and having enjoyed some full-on foot-play it’s no surprise when the boy is seating himself down on Hunt’s lap and taking every hard inch of his fuck-buddy’s ramrod up his well-horned rear. An act that marks the start of a breathtaking and (more importantly) ball-bustin’ union that’ll have you creaming in no time – helped by the fact that Hunt spurts his own goo over his buddy’s face in good old skaterboy fashion. Hangin’ out with your mates has never looked so appealing – or concluded with so much pent-up nad-nectar!

Scene 2: Kamyk Walker Gives His Skaterboy Pal A Deep-Throated, Deep-Assed Pick-Me-Up!

Cast: Kamyk Walker and Chase Evans
Also available: Brexit Fuckers (2 DVD Compilation)

Staxus, Sk8 M8S, Hangin'

Being a skaterboy can be real hard work sometimes – if nothing else the sheer effort involved in keeping up the act can be physically draining. So before you think our lads have it easy, spare a thought for young Chase Evans, who enters this particular scene with Kamyk Walker looking like a fellow who’s ready to hit the sack rather than co-star in a porn scene! Fortunately for us all, however, he’s teamed up with a young guy who knows exactly how to get a fellow in the mood even when that said dude is perhaps feeling the worse for wear.

Cue a tremendous toe-sucking extravaganza that’ll have even the most reluctant of foot-fetish aficionados sensing the buzz, and which clearly gets Evans into a very different frame of mind given the boner that he soon has sprouting out of his crotch. Indeed, for those of you who don’t already know, Evans boasts the kind of cock that’d quite literally make grown men weep – but which Walker actually manages to deep-throat to the root!

That particular achievement in itself is almost enough to get most of the folks watching jerking off like crazy; but there’s still the sight of Evans energetically rimming Walker’s ass to enjoy, not to mention seeing the young Pole taking every inch of Evans’ oversized ramrod up his guts! Suffice it to say that Walker clearly savours every moment of the rigorous ass-stretching that he gets as a result, and it’s little wonder that the fellow is soon squirting in all directions. But it’s the sight of Evans dumping an inordinate volume of jizz over his mate’s open-mouthed face that deserves greatest mention. If that doesn’t work out a load (or three!) nothing ever will!

Scene 3: Skaterboy Threeway Allows Oscar Roberts To Fuck The Spunk Out Of Both His Horny Mates!

Oscar Roberts, Tristan Wood and Lee Rider
Also available: Bareback Butt Stretchers 3 (2 DVD set)

Staxus, Sk8 M8S, Hangin'

Like a lot of horny young men – and a lot of older guys too! – Oscar Roberts has an obsession with porn. So much so, in fact, that he brazenly invites his two best buddies, Tristan Wood and Lee Rider, to come over to his place in order to watch some hardcore action together. But what one guy finds a turn-on doesn’t always hit the spot with someone else, and whilst Roberts is clearly horned-up big time by what’s taking place on-screen it’s clearly not have the same effect on his mates.

Unwilling to let the opportunity pass without some form of action, however, Wood and Rider are soon busily distracting their porn-crazed pal by means of some explicit action of their own – not only by sucking dick, as you’d surely expect, but by simultaneously indulging in some kinky foot-worship. It’s a niche indulgence, that’s for sure, and there’s no disguising the excitement of these three lads as they explore each others’ bodies top to toe – quite literally!

An excitement that soon has Roberts giving both Wood and Rider a taste of that thick, meaty shaft of his deep inside their pert little asses – something we just know our dirty legion of fans will enjoy to the utmost given the fact that there isn’t so much as a rubber in sight. As such, Roberts barebacks both his buddies in turn, banging the spunk out of both them before rupturing his own swollen nads courtesy of a multi-shot spray of jizz in the scene’s concluding moments. And if the sight of all that skaterboy goo doesn’t nut you, fuck knows what will!

Scene 4: “Skaterboy” Billy Rubens Gives His Tattooed Buddy A Right Raw Fucking & A Face-Load Of Jizz!

Mickey Taylor and Billy Rubens
Also available: Brexit Fuckers 2 (2 DVD compilation)

Staxus, Sk8 M8S, Hangin'

We’ll leave you to decide whether the transformation of Billy Rubens into a skater-lad is entirely credible, but the fact remains that he’s one hell of a sexy little fucker who lightens up any scene he happens to be in – in this instance with ink-boy STAXUS exclusive, Mickey Taylor. What’s more, having resisted the urge to go au-natural up until this point, Rubens finally gives in to the inevitable and ditches the rubbers in return for extra kudos from his burgeoning legion of fans.

Don’t get the impression that this scene is a mere one-on-one fuck and nothing more, however. Having hit the sofa together, Taylor and Rubens engage in a fabulous session of foot and sock worship, which will appeal to anyone who loves their action to have a little bit of kink. Only having then progressed to some beautifully filmed rimming do the two fellows finally get to the main act of primeval rutting, with Rubens sticking his obscenely raw shaft deep into Taylor’s rump to give the young punk the fuck of his life. What follows is a stupendously filthy act of fornication that’ll unquestionably have you reaching for the zipper in order to tug on the old bishop; with Taylor manfully taking every single inch of unprotected flesh up his man-hole for your entertainment.

Given his level of excitement, it’s little wonder that the bottle-blond bottom eventually knocks out quite a wad of spunk; before his pleasure is completed by Rubens jerking off all over his face, whitewashing his smooth, boyish features in the process. If that doesn’t do it for you, guys, then we really have absolutely no idea what will!

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Bareback Gay DVDs, Skater Themed

Running Time: 124 mins, Year: 2014

Price: Around £25*

Starring: Lucius York, Chase Hunt, Kamyk Walker, Chase Evans, Oscar Roberts, Tristan Wood, Lee Rider, Billy Rubens, Mickey Taylor

Director: Michael Burling

Studio: SK8 M8S

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive, and Radvideo (US)

Downloads: SK8 MS8, See also:

Member site:

Gay Video On Demand: SK8 M8S, See also:

Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Available from SK8 M8S: Bareback Sleaze Pit
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