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MorMon Boyz
Mormon Boyz: Elder White Chapters 5-8

Mormon Boyz, Elder White Chapters 5-8



Also available

Elder White Chapters 1- 4
Mormon Boyz, Elder White: Chapters 1-4


Elder White’s cute face, winning smile and evident goodness have endeared him to the other missionaries and to the mission leaders alike, and everyone is sure he’ll be an important church leader one day – maybe even a General Authority.

Mormon Boyz, Elder White

He has been a full-time missionary for many months, and he is rising quickly through the ranks, earning the trust and love of his companions, and the respect of the mission leadership.

But just when he thinks he has figured out Mormon missionary life, another Elder tells him that the church is secretly run by a group of men known as The Order.

Chapter 5: Washing And Anointing

Mormon Boyz, Elder White Chapters 5-8

Elder White still had cum and dried sweat all over his body. Now that President Oaks had probed his hole with the sacred stone, he would be washed clean.

President Oaks had given Elder White a few seconds to recover from his intense orgasm, his fingers still up the boy’s ass. The sight of the missionary bent double, panting and bathed in semen turned the president on.

Oaks can hardly wait to slip his cock in the elder’s hole. But everything in the temple must be done in the proper time and at the proper place.

President Oaks slowly pulls his finger out of the boy’s warm hole and tells him to wipe himself off.

Then he orders the boy to head over to the temple locker room and put on the shield, which is a ceremonial robe that is open on both sides, leaving Mormon boys exposed to the older men’s eyes and hands.

Chapter 6: Initiation

Mormon Boyz, Elder White Chapters 5-8

As President Oaks licks Elder White’s erect cock, the boy can’t take his eyes off the man. He can see in the man’s eyes just how badly he wants to get inside his hole, but Elder White waits patiently for him to make the first move.

He knows who’s in charge.

And when Oaks flips him over and lubes his hole, Elder White can feel the mounting desire, from his balls to the tip of his cock, which is soaked in precum.

Unable to resist any longer, he drops his head down on the stool and sticks a finger in his own butt. The relief is immediate, but Oaks pulls the boy’s finger out — that hole his do whatever he wants with.

Oaks slips the head of his penis in the crack and rubs it against the hole, pressing in slightly, and teasing the boy, who squirms and arches his back.

Chapter 7: Second Anointing

Mormon Boyz, Elder White Chapters 5-8

Elder White’s trip to the temple has turned into an extended sexual adventure. The powerful and secretive men of The Order have subjected the boy to a series of rituals designed to test his obedience, his sexual prowess and his worthiness to join their ranks.

So far, the boy has exceeded their expectations. He has submitted happily to everything demanded of him, has enthusiastically serviced the men’s hard cocks, and has proven that his ass can take a beating.

Not only has he done everything asked of him, no matter how challenging or shameful, it’s clear to his leaders that he has enjoyed it as much as they have. His quick but thorough education in sex with men has clearly been a pleasure for the boy.

After handsome President Oaks uses the boy’s hole and then anoints him with his cum.

Chapter 8: The New Name

Mormon Boyz, Elder White Chapters 5-8

As Elder White slowly came down from an intense orgasm, with President Oaks’ dick still buried in his hole, the handsome man leaned forward to kiss him. Both the man’s and the boy’s semen coated Elder White’s belly. Oaks ceremonially smeared it across his belly with a hand before standing up and hoisting White to his feet.

Elder White, still woozy from an intense pounding, wasn’t entirely prepared for what happened next.

President Oaks took the boy’s hand in a secret handshake, placing his thumb between White’s first and second knuckle, and pulled the naked boy close.

Placing one hand on the boy’s shoulder, he whispered in the boy’s ear, “I give you a new name, which you should always remember and which you must keep secret and never reveal, except at a certain place that will be shown to you.”

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Download Gay DVDs

Running Time: 127 mins, Year: 2017

Price: From around £33 / €40*

Starring: Elder White, Bishop Angus, President Nelson, President Oaks

Director: uncredited

Studio: Missionary Boyz

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Downloads @ Homoactive: Missionary Mormon Boyz

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Member site: Missionary Boyz

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Mormon Boyz: Elder White Chapter 1 - 4
Mormon Boyz, Elder White: Chapters 1-4

Elder White's movie-star good looks and winning smile have made him popular with the other missionaries and his leaders. Everyone is sure he'll be an important church leader one day. But just when he thinks he has figured out missionary life, another boy tells him the church is actually run by a group of men known as The Order


Also available from Mormon Boyz: Elder Ence Chapter 1 - 4
Mormon Boyz, Elder Ence: Chapters 1-4

Elder Ence has been a real trouble-maker since he began his Mission; he has never played by anyone's rules. He had always reacted badly to the idea of being subservient, submissive or meek. He was his own master. He didn't know what to call it, but around the other missionary boys the thought of himself as an alpha male. He wanted to be in charge. But everything gets turned upside down when he learns about the secret priesthood order, and the steps of initiation into a Higher Priesthood.


Also available from Mormon Boyz: Elder Ence Chapter 5 - 8
Mormon Boyz, Elder Ence: Chapters 5 - 8

The Brethren have seen what Elder Ence is capable of and are eager for him to continue his initiation into the Higher Priesthood. Despite his rebellious attitude and alpha male ego, the sexy young Mormon is learning that obedience has its perks.


Also available from Mormon Boyz: Elder Ivy: Chapters 1 - 4
Mormon Boyz, Elder Ivy Chapters 1 - 4

Elder Ivy has a rebellious spirit for a Mormon. He's always been naturally lean and strong and has been able to parlay that into getting what he wants. Entering his mission, he intends to take his place as top dog. He can't help being aggressive and horny, nor does he want to. He's young and hot and he's going to take every opportunity to fuck. As any good Mormon boy, he knows what the rules on sex are; he just takes great joy in breaking them. In fact, being forbidden just makes him want it more.


Also available from Mormon Boyz: Elder Gardner: Chapters 5 - 8
Mormon Boyz, Elder Gardner 5 - 8

Elder Gardner has come to terms with his sexuality and desires, finding comfort in the presence and service of the handsome, older men of the Order. He knows that they love him completely and want to see him fulfill his calling. Still, he’s conflicted by his strict upbringing, feeling a great sense of guilt about his arousals. The only time he’s truly at ease is when he’s being fucked hard by his superiors, desperate to make them happy and be the submissive missionary they’ve trained him to be.


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