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Dirty Bird Pictures
Dirty Bird Pictures:
Jett Blakk's Endgame - Gay DVD

Dirty Bird Pictures, Endgame

We have only three words to say about it: Chad. Hunt. Bottoms. Yes, it's true - the donkey-donged superstar's final film is this one, in which he finally takes a cock up his terrifically tight 'n tasty taint! We've seen a few minutes, and it's filled with a well-done plot, mounds of dirty talk, and a truly brutal gangbang-style sexual assault on the questionable character Chad portrays. We can't watch to whack... err, uh... watch it, and give you the full scoop!


  • Probably Jett Blakk's best film to date.
  • A brutal assault, a wild plot, and a great cast.
  • Superstar Chad Hunt finally bottoms on camera!

Description / Review:
Scene 1:
Dirty Bird Pictures, EndgameJett Blakk takes you on a suspenseful thriller and epic journey of sex and revelations that showcases Chad Hunt in his bottoming debut! As a journey to King's Beach continues, Tyler Green (Trevor Knight) becomes suspicious of Garvy's (Chad Hunt) true motives, and just who is the mysterious biker in black that seems to be following them wherever they go?

Scene 2:
Dirty Bird Pictures, EndgameTyler arouses the anger of executive boss Tyler Saint and is fired. The boss finds some "me" time in the office stairwell with another executive, Scott Campbell. The two men kiss hungrily before Tyler munches on Scott's hairy nipples. Scott returns the favor before sucking Tyler's rock-hard dick. Tyler sucks Scott, then rims him before squatting over Scott's face for some tongue-in-the-ass action of his own. Next, Tyler fucks Scott doggie style before flipping onto his back and taking Scott missionary. After the men cum, Tyler Green (Trevor Knight) interrupts them on his way out.

Scene 3:
Dirty Bird Pictures, EndgameGarvy visits Tyler at home and reveals himself as Tyler's long-lost gay older brother. Tyler cannot remember Garvy at all but admits that he, too, is gay. Garvy persuades Tyler to go on a motorcycle trip with him to revisit all the places the two men went as boys in the hopes of sparking Tyler's memory. As they prepare to leave, Garvy sees the ominous figure of the Dark Rider across the street. None of the places jogs Tyler's memory, so they begin the trek home. At a rest area, Garvy sees the Dark Rider watching him from a distance away while Tyler goes to the restroom. In the restroom, a state trooper Kyle Pierce harasses Tyler at the urinals and is about to coerce the young man into a sexual encounter when Garvy comes to the rescue and teaches the trooper a lesson. He makes the highway cop suck his dick, then bends him over for a good rimming. Next, Garvy fucks the cop while Tyler jacks off. Tyler decides he wants to continue with Garvy to Kings Beach.

Scene 4:
Dirty Bird Pictures, EndgameTyler watches Garvy atop a giant boulder on the beach the next morning, then catches a hotel staffer (James Hamilton) making the bed. Fleeting glimpses turn to outright stares as the two men seduce each other with movements before Tyler goes to the bed and feeds the houseboy his dick. James sucks Tyler's big pole before the two men climb into a 69 position. Tyler rims James' hole before pushing his mammoth cock into the lean, ripped man. Afterwards, Tyler tries to kiss his partner, but the houseboy bolts out of the room. Tyler follows and sees Garvy paying the man in the parking lot.

Scene 5:
Dirty Bird Pictures, EndgameThree hoods (Phenix Saint, Cort Donovan and Nash Lawler) approach Garvy and tell him offensive gay jokes. Garvy retaliates with straight jokes, pissing the guys off. He clutches at his chest as he walks away from them. He meets Tyler on a walkway overlooking the ocean. Tyler confronts him about the houseboy hustler, and Garvy admits that he was just trying to make sure Tyler was having fun. By now, Garvy has changed his story several times, and Tyler is fed up. He leaves Garvy alone on the walkway. Garvy sees the Dark Rider on the beach pointing to a cave entrance, and he runs to meet the mysterious figure. As Garvy enters the cave, he is attacked by the three hoods. Garvy sucks their cocks then is fucked by all of them as they take turns on his ass.

Tyler comes to Garvy's rescue and chases the punks out of the cave. Back in the hotel room, Garvy reveals the true reason for the journey and Tyler's part in it. Tyler welcomes the truth, and finally, Garvy's friendship. The next morning, Tyler carries a failing Garvy to King's Beach, where a confrontation with the Dark Rider seals Garvy's fate.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, British Gay Porn DVDs

Running Time: 120 mins, Year: 2008

Price: From around £33*

Starring: Chad Hunt, Trevor Knight, Cort Donovan, Nash Lawler, Phenix Saint, Tyler Saint, Scott Campbell, Kyle Pierce, James Hamilton

Director: Jett Blakk

Studio: Dirty Bird Pictures

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Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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