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Centaur Films
Centaur Films: Hot Cops 1 - Gay DVD

Hot Cops 1 , Centaur Films

As they enticingly point out here: "bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they cum all over you?" Their guns aren't the only things they shoot! This is one of the most insanely well-done and hottest cop fetish fuck flicks to date, if you whack off while thinking about being cuffed, Rockland and Romero will have you on your knees and spreading 'em in no time. The videography, the sex scenes, even the music is good. Maybe it's the premise, or just those smokin'-hot uniforms, but just thinking about this flick gets me hard. Trust me; it's a must own if cops are your swirl

Description / Review:
Oh, if all cops looked like Vince Rockland and Joe Romero! These two sexed-up men in blue head a cast of particularly frisky cops-and-robber types in Hot Cops 1.

In the first vignette, Joe comes upon a car that makes him wonder. When he phones in the license plate, he finds that its twinky driver, blond Jeff Jagger, has a warrant out on him. Sexy deep-voiced hairless Joe goes to cuff him, but Jeff begs not to be cuffed in back, but rather in front, mainly so he can jack off as Joe takes him back to the station. Joe tries to get him to stop, but Jeff is adamant, so Joe has to pull over and de-sex Jeff in order to properly arrest him. This means taking off his own pants to let Jeff have a crack at his meaty cock. Jeff gives him a sleek interesting blowjob, made even better by Joe's slow striptease to reveal his powerful muscular body. Joe sweetly lays Jeff on a towel on the front of the car and eats his ass as lusty prep work. The white ass is ripe for tongue, fingers and finally a fuck, started by Jeff literally climbing up a standing Joe to park himself on the dick. This position works wonderfully, and then Joe takes Jeff in a series of other positions. Joe ends the episode with a worthy cumshot, then taking baddie Jeff in to jail.

Joe has night patrol next. The dialogue to the camera is filled with the expected puns before Joe finally gets a call to investigate an alarm at a warehouse. There isn't anything illegal going on there, but he does find the blue-eyed sexpot Steve Sparks and his brown-eyed equal, John Atkins in full 69 on the floor. Joe offers not to arrest them if they give him a good show, so they continue what they are doing as Joe jacks off nearby. Both do excellent work, though Steve lives up to his name, providing the real spark in the scene. He actually has a mongo dick, though it goes largely unused throughout the scene. John breaks the chain to include Joe as Steve stays where he was. John is even more inspired on Joe's hugeness. He takes that oomph and works it into a large fuck of Steve as Joe gets blown by the bottom. John is a fine top, full of hip action, and totally tireless in this long scene. Of course, bottom boy Steve keeps up with him, and manages a fine blowjob at the same time. After a few positions are used to abuse Steve, John cums almost right into his asshole and runs off. Before Joe can go after him, Steve stops him by cumming, and as he's dressing, drugs fall out his pocket, so Joe takes him in.

Officer Vince Rockland makes his appearance for the third scene. At the height of his sexiness here, Vince's body is as tight as it ever was, his face as shining and handsome, with his streaked hair tucked back to reveal it all. He gets a call about a possible prowler and eventually does find the compact blond Andrew Cole in cut-offs and open flannel shirt. Andrew is on parole and doesn't want to be arrested, so Vince asks what he has to offer him. "My mouth, sir" he responds, and Vince whips out his amazingly thick uncut cock. Andrew works marvelously on Vince's dick, though there is no way to really take it all. However, Vince finds a place to tuck in all when he gets to Andrew's ass. It's a wonderful fuck, with Vince getting stronger with each thrust, digging in deeply and making sure to remain the star, posing and strutting for the camera the whole time. Just when the fuck seems over, Vince gets a new dose of energy, plops Andrew down on a tree stump and pounds with renewed vigor. Finally, Andrew splashes off a load and when Vince finishes, he agrees to let Andrew go ... this time.

Vince then arrests Steve again. His strip-search is a rather probing fingering, complete with a glove. Steve keeps begging for the real thing, so while Vince continues his search, he gives Steve fellow prisoner Jeff to blow. Jeff has quite a manageable cock, so Steve is able to dazzle sucking it, showing off fully here where he had to share the scene more with his partners in his other chance. As for Vince, he jabs away ceaselessly with his fingers, digging for whatever contraband is perhaps stashed up there. However, he comes up with nothing, so he gets hard and lets Steve blow him alternately with Jeff. This is a nice opportunity for Steve, who gets to impress two ways, first with the smaller deep-throatable dick on Jeff and second on the hugeness and challenge that is Vince. Hot cop Vince then fucks Steve on the bottom of a cot, his big balls swatting against Steve's ass with another very attractive harsh fuck.

Two scenes back-to-back here turn out not to be tiring, but rather inspiring. Vince doesn't seem to flag in energy at all. Jeff gets his chance to fuck Steve, too, turning one of the story's more willing bottoms into a very eager top. However, the focus is on Vince, so he gets more time. There are great cum-shots at the end.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 88 mins, Year: 1995

Price: Around £33*

Starring: Joe Romero, Vince Rockland, Steve Sparks, John Atkins, Jeff Jagger, Andrew Cole

Director: Chip Daniels

Language: English

Studio: Centaur Films

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Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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