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Stud Fuckerz
Stud Fuckerz: Pumping Ass - Gay DVD

Stud Fuckerz, Pumping Ass

Description / Review:
Working out can work up quite a sweat, but these muscular hunks would rather be Pumping Ass than pumping iron. They've worked up an appetite but it's not for food - these hot hunks want hard cocks and tight bubble butts. Watch these gym buddies squat on to each other's cocks and pump their iron hard dick into a juicy, tight hole. Working out never looked so good!

Description / Review:
Scene 1

Stud Fuckerz, Pumping Ass

Race Cooper turns the music on and starts his work out to a rhythmic beat. His body is ripped and his muscles bulge as he works the barbells. Fellow gym rat Shay Michaels can't take his eyes off that mountain of hot chocolate and hustles over to join him. He locks onto Race's lips and they kiss before he works his way feverishly down his chest and washboard abs, and back up again to nibble and tweak his tits. Shay then falls to his knees to suck Race's thick licorice stick, guzzling it down all the way to the base. Race counters by bending Shay forward to attack him from behind. He pulls the big hunk's cock back between his thick ham hock thighs and sucks away; he rims his asshole, drenching it with water to help him lap it all up; then he fucks him fast and furious making Shay moan and groan. Before long the men are on the floor with Race getting drilled up the ass as Shay charges in and out. The studs curse, scream, punch, tease and taunt each other. Both of them are beautifully glistening with sweat as Shay continues drilling Race's ass until one after the other, they shoot their loads.

Scene 2:

Stud Fuckerz, Pumping Ass

Putting in a lot of physical effort to improve their health and fitness, Aden and Jordan work hard under Tys direction. But all that training makes them really horny and the guys are anxious to work off all that sexual energy. Alone in the locker room, intoxicated with the musky smells resulting from the strenuous exercise, they start to unwind. They start nursing on each others stiff cocks, tasting and enjoying the salty sweetness. The action continues in the showers as they take turns rimming each others puckered holes, before Jordan fucks Aden in the ass from behind. Then they hit the steamroom where Jordan resumes plundering Adens hole. They work up a sweat in the sultry, humid room, their passion for each other burning hot until they reward each other with massive shots of jism.

Scene 3

Stud Fuckerz, Pumping Ass

As Tommy Blade (in a non-sexual role) trains his muscles his mind wanders to a hot three way in an unidentified gym. Lucas di Fubbiano belongs in the gym. His muscles bulge from beneath his shirt almost as much as the bulge in his pants. JD Kollin is a big muscled hairy stud who loves to hit the gym and help out other men build their muscles. Ford Tuff is a hairy muscled boy with an eager mouth and a "fuck yeah" attitude and butt worth pounding. As this scene opens JD is helping Ford Tuff build his biceps while Lucas di Fubbiano works his chest. JD gives both men help before he whips his dick out. Once the sex starts the weights fade away and the focus becomes these three and their muscular bodies. After Ford and Lucas warm JD's cock up, Ford goes down and eats Lucas's big muscly ass. Lucas throws his legs up and back like a gymnast as JD and Ford fight with their tongues for a taste of Lucas's asshole. Once it's warmed up Ford stuff his dick into Lucas as JD gets his dick worked over by a talented cock-sucker. When Ford has worked over Lucas's hole JD wants a turn to pump him but Ford wants to get fucked instead. Fords hairy butthole takes JD"s cock for a good hard round and then Lucas wants some more. These three men fuck and fuck until they explode all over the gym floor.

Scene 4

Stud Fuckerz, Pumping Ass

Logan Scott hits the locker room after an intense workout and a shower. While rifling through his locker, he can feel someone eyeing him, Unnerved a bit, he turns around to find Revel Milan -- looking captivated and so hungry -- checking him out. Without uttering a single word, the two men hook up. Revel is the first to get down on his knees to worship Logan's magnificent cock and balls. His lips slide over the thick veiny shaft, riding back and forth in a repetitive and wolfish manner, generating feelings of satisfaction for the two of them. The torrid twosome suck face again some more and then Logan begins to feed on Revel's fat, thick cock. He slavishly works his tongue and mouth all over Revel's rod and balls, making his nipples jut out. Then Logan has Revel straddling a bench and leaning forward with the round mounds of his butt begging to be separated and probed, first with rapid tongue pokes and then with the meaty ramrod between his buddy's legs. Revel's sighs accompany every deep and deliberate thrust up his ass; he's really feeling it and all is really good. Then Revel gets his turn to fuck Logan's tight ass ... his hefty cock sliding in and out of Logan's hairy asshole. Both guys sigh excitedly as Logan starts stroking himself until he climaxes, marking the furry treasure trail below his navel with pools of cum. Revel remains undaunted as he continues pumping Logan's until he finally withdraws and shoots his load.

Scene 5:

Stud Fuckerz, Pumping Ass

Tyler Riggz, TJ Hawke, Marc Ryan, Dakota Rivers. Two senior members of the athletic team find young TJ despondent and stressed out. They soon determine that the poor boy's misery stems from the sexual assault Coach Riggz forced on him. So the three decide to punish the villainous leader. They confront him in the gym with big menacing threats and their even bigger dicks. Riggz is down on his knees spinning like a carousel sucking one cock after another; then the vengeful three have Riggz jamming his tongue deep into their asscracks. The men have Riggz on his back, his ass and mouth open for vigorous plowing, pleasuring him as much as themselves - a panoply of sucking and fucking to a husky chorus of growls and grunts.

Stud Fuckerz, Tattooed Drillers
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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult,

Running Time: 110 mins, Year: 2014

Price: From around £28*

Starring: Race Cooper, Shay Michaels, Aden Jaric, Jordan Jaric, Tommy Blade, Ford Tuff, Logan Scott, Revel Milan, Tyler Riggz, Dakota Rivers, Marc Ryan, TJ Hawke

Director: uncredited

Studio: Stud Fuckerz

Buy DVDs Online at:

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Stud Fuckerz, Leather Muscle

Once you turn on Leather Muscle, you can almost smell the leather, sweat and spunk! Shredded from head to toe in rippling muscles and kitted out in the kinkiest leather, these studs are ready to fuck!

Bottoms are tied down, tops are hard as a rock and the action gets hardcore. Watch willing men take giant cocks in every hole and drench themselves in cum!

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Also available from Stud Fuckerz: Poolside Pounding
Stud Fuckerz, Poolside Pounding

Get ready for some Poolside Pounding as the sweltering sun and blissfully cool waters get these ripped hunks extra horny. Watch as they take their pent-up sexual frustration out on their buddy's holes or take a big juicy dick - sometimes two at a time.

Fooling and splashing around in the water soon turns to splashing each other in spurts of spunk!

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Also available from Stud Fuckerz: Gang Fucked
Stud Fuckerz, Gang Fucked

When one cock just isn’t enough! These horny insatiable bottoms love to get fucked, but why take just one dick when there are several on offer? Living out their fantasy of being used by several muscular hung tops on camera for everyone to see, they won’t be happy until every hunk in the room has filled their hole and spunked in their faces!

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