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Jet Set Men
Buttfucked: Collectors Edition
Brent Corrigan, Benjamin Bradley, Jesse Santana & Topher Dimaggio

Jet Set Men, Buttfucked Collector's Edition

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Jocks, cocks, guidos, football players and legendary bottoms like cover boy Brent Corrigan fill out Buttfucked: Collectors Edition, a classic collection of some of the best and hottest buttfucking in the Jet Set Men library. Six amazing hardcore, butt banging scenes featuring the biggest stars in the biz makes this the ultimate must have dvd!

Scene1 - Benjamin Bradley & Jessie Santana

Jet Set Men, Buttfucked Collector's Edition

After Santana wins the job of starting quarterback, Bradley and Campbell - both hoping to get the starting job - conspire to derail him. When Bradley finds himself alone in the locker room with Santana and Santana starts coming onto him, Ben sees his chance. He plays along with the newly crowned QB1, getting to fuck him and get fucked by him. After they cum, Bradley puts the plan in motion by purposely knocking a stunned Santana to the floor. Never having seen it coming, Santana goes down and sprains his ankle, thereby ending his chances of starting, leaving Bradley and Campbell competing for the #1 spot. (from Tackle)

Scene 2: Topher Dimaggio & Parker London

Jet Set Men, Buttfucked Collector's Edition

Topher is lying back on an exercise bench, struggling with the last reps of a workout, and Parker is spotting him. They switch places, and Parker takes over the barbell. A few reps into his workout, he says to Topher, “This is making me fuckin’ hot.” He pulls his shorts off to reveal a raging hard-on and continues to exercise. Without missing a beat, Topher pulls his shorts off and goes back to work on him. He drops to his knees to suck on Parker’s fully erect cock, eliciting moans of satisfaction. Topher encourages him to continue the reps as he goes down on him. Parker’s dick apparently gets harder each time he pushes the weights up. Topher has his hand down his own pants, stroking his cock at the same time. He drops his shorts, and Parker turns to suck on his hard-on now, deep throating it all the way. Topher then lifts Parker’s legs in the air to work his ass. At first, his tongue licks up and down his crack and then he reams out his hole. He then sucks his balls and presses his thumb deeper into the opening. Parker is ready for the main event. Topher slides his dick in and pounds Parker’s ass, legs in the air, for a long session. They both get up and Topher lies back so that Parker can ride his cock. As Topher fucks up into his ass, Parker jacks off and eventually shoots his load. He dismounts Topher to suck some more on him. “Come on,” he urges, “I want to see you cum.” His friend jacks off and obliges him.

Scene 3: Dean Coxx & Andrew Blue

Jet Set Men, Buttfucked Collector's Edition

Sexy Dean Coxx, self-named “Mike The Stimulation”, is flexing his muscles at the beach, proudly showing off his sensational abs and bulging chest. As usual, he’s on the lookout to “snag and bag” a hot piece of ass. Now at home, he is busy working his tan, smooth muscled body, when there is a knock at the door. Wild-haired and handsome, Andrew Blue appears, checking to see if the room Dean had advertised for rent is still available. Apparently it is, but Dean warns him that “There’s a Big Deposit” required. Andrew’s not totally clear about it, but it’s obvious it has something to do with sex. “I’m not gay,” Dean says quickly, so as to not turn this catch off, “I just roll with it.” They begin to examine each other’s bodies. “Take your shirt off, man, let’s do a little flexing,” Dean suggests. Slowly he gets Andrew to strip and show off his body. “Let’s see the tushy,” Dean says, and Andrew’s shorts move down a bit. Dean’s clothes come off, and he reaches over to massage Andrew’s butt, circling his hole with his hands, slowly turning him on. Eventually, Dean crosses the line into gay sex. “Ready to give me that deposit”, he asks? Dean’s big uncut cock comes out, and Andrew reaches out to fondle it. He drops to his knees and starts sucking. Soon Andrew is going all the way down on it, opening his mouth and throat wide to take it chokingly in. Obviously, no newcomer to sex, Andrew spits on Dean’s dick and slides his mouth up and down on it, stroking his own as he goes. Dean grabs the sides of his head and face-fucks him. His dick doubles in size and keeps right on growing. Dean lies back on a convenient mat, legs in the air, and offers Andrew his butt to play with. Andrew licks and strokes him, his tongue pushing into his hole. They switch places, and Dean now goes down on Andrew as he stands before him. Andrew’s cock is so big and thick, Dean almost can’t get it all in this mouth. Soon, Dean goes for his ultimate goal - Andrew’s ass. He eases him down on his knees and works it, tongue-fucking him. Andrew accommodates Dean, spreading his ass cheeks and opening himself up wider and wider. “I’m gonna fuck that hole,” Dean says, to which Andrew simply replies, “Yeah”. It appears to be what they both want. Dean moves up and pushes his dick in, slowly going deeper and deeper, harder and harder. Andrew eventually flips over on his back, legs in the air, to let Dean go in even further. He squats down on the mat to fuck Andrew’s ass from on top. Finally, Dean pulls his dick out and shoots a big load over Andrew, who quickly follows suit and cums on himself. “So,” Andrew asks, “do I get the room?”

Scene 4: Chad Clovis & Derrek Diamond

Jet Set Men, Buttfucked Collector's Edition

Derrek enters a small empty men’s room and opts for a stall, one with a glory hole conveniently placed at eye level. Soon Chad enters to use the urinal. They are an evenly matched pair of hot young men. Chad notices the glory hole, so when Derrek comes peeking through it to check him out, he replies by putting his dick through it, which Derrek takes and strokes. He then drops to his knees to suck on it. After a while, Chad kneels down and peeks thru the hole to check out his partner, so Derrek pushes his thick dick through the hole for Chad to work on. Derrek’s cock is almost too thick for Chad to get his mouth around, but he doesn’t give up. Soon Derrek, who obviously likes what he sees, comes around the partition to face Chad head on. Immediately, they fall into each other’s arms and kiss, discarding their shirts at the same time. Derrek drops to his knees to suck on Chad’s thick prick some more. Totally turned on by Derrek’s blow job, he turns around to let him also lick and rim his ass. He then sits on the floor so that Derrek can settle his ass down (right) on Chad’s dick and ride him. Eventually, as they get close to cumming, they both stand to jack-off. Derrick shoots first and then Chad lets loose.


Jet Set Men, Buttfucked Collector's Edition

After the VANITY FLAIR shoot has wrapped, Levi finds himself face to face and alone with Brent on an office building balcony. Brent is frankly curious just what this guy has in his pants that makes him so special. Levi responds by pulling his dick out and waving it around. Brent goes down on it. Their shirts comes off, and as Brent sucks, Levi reaches for his cock. They kiss, and Brent goes back to work on Levi’s cock again. Levi now becomes the aggressor, lifting Brent up bodily and setting him down on a nearby air conditioner box to suck on his big dick. Levi is no amateur cocksucker. He oozes his saliva onto Brent’s dick and revolves his head and hands around the shaft. “You boys from Alaska know what you’re doing down there,” Brent moans. They kiss, and Levi goes back to work. Then Brent gets back down on his knees to suck some more on Levi. “Swallow it,” he commands. “Want me to fuck that ass,” Levi asks? Standing with one leg up, Brent’s hole is revealed and in Levi goes. Brent’s as hard as ever. “Tight fucking ass,” Levi says as he pushes Brent over on the box to pound him missionary, hard and deep. Brent grabs his feet and opens his ass to him even more. Then Levi pushes Brent’s legs over to fuck him on his side, then on his back again, one leg in the air. Finally, Brent jacks off and shoots on himself. Levi pulls out and shoots all over Brent. And they kiss. (from Getting Levi's Johnson)


Jet Set Men, Buttfucked Collector's Edition

The game is over. But THE game is just beginning. It’s obvious from the start that soccer Coach Lucas thinks his star player William would be great sex, hot to fuck. But he rejects the idea until William (whoops!) drops the towel he was wearing on the floor in the Coach’s office, and bending over to pick it up, gives the Coach a good look at his naked ass and pink pucker hole - what he’s missing out on. William heads for the showers, but Lucas is not far behind. Immediately, they’re both naked with erections. They come together and kiss passionately. William drops to his knees to give Coach Lucas a great blow job that builds quickly into face fucking. The two take advantage of some discarded towels on the floor to lie down and 69, with each sucking deeply on the other. William sends Lucas to heaven by rimming his ass, sucking his dick some more and finally sitting down on his Coach’s face. The Coach takes full advantage of William’s ass, rimming and sucking it, eventually bending his legs up in the air to lick more deeply. Before long, they’re into the main event, fucking missionary-style with William still on his back. The Coach plunges his big dick so far up William’s ass it’s a wonder he can’t feel it in his throat. They then switch to fucking doggie-style, with William on his knees and the Coach eventually standing for more thrust. Again on his back, William takes the pounding. He jacks off as the Coach fucks even harder, until he shoots his load, splattering his jizz well up above his nipples. Then the Coach lets loose over his player.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 120 mins, Year: 2012

Price: Around £33*

Starring: Brent Corrigan, Benjamin Bradley, Jesse Santana, Dean Coxx, Topher Dimaggio, Derrick Diamond, Parker London, Lucas Knowles, William West, Casey Monroe, Andrew Blue, Chad Clovis

Director: Various

Studio: Jet Set Men

Buy DVDs online at:

Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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