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Bottom Boys
Tooled Up Twinks - Gay DVD

Bottom Boys, Tooled Up Twinks

Downing their tools and straight on their knees, these horny workers can't resist the lure of a throbbing hard cock waving in front of their face, devouring the hot meat as their ass is fingered and prepped for the hard barebacking, these twinks squirt their juice all over the place!!

Description / Review:

Scene 1: Office Sex

Cast: Patrick Ewen, John Hill

Bottom Boys, Tooled Up Twinks

Sneaking in a quick wank at work, this cute dark haired twink gets caught by a blonde beauty who takes advantage of the horned up boy and soon gets him on his knees servicing his dick. Bending over the chair, our blonde star gets his hole well and truly stretched with an almighty bare dick, pushing him to the limit and further as he pounds away whilst the horny bottom boy jerks off. Exploding with cum all over the desk, he loves the feel of hard dick up his ass, shooting his load twice, we get three doses of jizz from just 2 guys!!

Scene 2: Workshop Workout

Cast: Dillon Day, Martin North

Bottom Boys, Tooled Up Twinks

There’s a certain degree of irony in this brief vignette featuring Dillon Day and Martin North given that it’s entitled “Virgin Ass”, in as much as North’s delicious little fuck-hole remains as untouched by cock at the end of it as it was at the beginning. That’s not to claim that it goes untouched, however. Indeed, the heavenly tight pucker enjoys a full-on fingering courtesy of Day – an act that is clearly more than enough to give the young virgin a powerful and very sticky climax.

All the same, one of the biggest delights here is the simplicity of the scenario – two very handsome dudes, donning nothing more than jeans and vest-tops, enjoying an unexpectedly intimate moment at work when one of the machines they use has a problem. Unwilling to call an engineer to try and rectify the problem, Day promptly decides to take full advantage of the situation – and the tears in his buddy’s trousers! – by groping his colleague’s arse.

It’s a move that in reality would probably end up with an immediate visit to HR. In this particular fantasy, however, North responds by allowing his work-mate to thrust a collection of digits into his rear. Not that he could possibly claim that he wasn’t enjoying the attention anyway, given the enormous boner that he’s got jutting out from his crotch by this point! Suffice it to say that it’s no time at all before North is quite literally creaming himself with excitement; leaving him to wrap the scene up by getting down on his knees so that he can take Day’s very generous wad of spunk in his mouth, for a deliciously chin-dripping finale!

Scene 3: A Big Dick In A Small Hole

Cast: Marvin Corvin, John Magiaty
Also available: Extra Inches (Compilation)

Bottom Boys, Tooled Up Twinks

Oscar Wilde once famously said that work was the curse of the drinking classes. To be fair, however, the fucking classes have exactly the same problem – as this pair of horned-up twinks discover when they find their job getting in the way of their most primeval urges. Not that resourceful and well-experienced lads like Marvin Corvin and John Magiaty are going to allow work-duties to stop them from enjoying a bit of carnal action! Indeed, having abandoned their tools, they’re soon smooching away like a pair of lusty alley-cats; with Magiaty taking the first opportunity to pull down his buddy’s jeans and pants so that he can enjoy a full exploration of the handsome package in Corvin’s crotch.

Suffice it to say that it’s no time before Corvin is quite literally face-fucking his work-mate; prior to Magiaty enjoying some clearly much-welcomed fellatio in return just a few minutes later. Of course, you don’t need to be a porn expert to know which of these two beauties is soon gonna be getting his arse-hole stretched to the max. With his doe-like eyes and boyish grin, Corvin is the perfect recipient of a thick, monster tool; and Magiaty is only too happy and eager to dole it out in style, thrusting every handsome inch he’s got on offer into that tight little hole.

What ensues is a beautiful display of barely-legal fornication; with Corvin’s ass banged mercilessly over a work-bench, which not surprisingly soon results in the boy spewing in all directions in response. All of which is nicely topped off by Magiaty rupturing his own balls right across Corvin’s face for a top-notch finale!

Scene 4: Finger Fucking

Cast: Fanny Duke, Bob Farlow

Bottom Boys, Tooled Up Twinks

Young leather-jacket fan, Bob Farlow, has a bit of a problem – one that’s very common in porn scenes. He’s had some work done on his car, courtesy of the gloriously named Fanny Duke; but he now can’t afford to pay the guy back. In normal circumstances this would cause untold trouble, of course. In the fantasy represented here, however, there’s a very obvious solution; with Farlow’s eager requests for more time to settle the bill accompanied by him making a tentative grope of Duke’s crotch.

To be fair, Duke seems initially unsettled by the turn of events; but it quickly becomes clear that Farlow’s hands can be very persuasive. So much so, in fact, that Farlow soon has full access to the mechanic’s cock and is down on his knees to give the handsome member some much-desired oral attention. What’s more, it’s no time at all before Duke is replicating the favour, slurping on Farlow’s shaft with just as much enthusiasm; before Farlow uptakes his initial position to help bring the horny little grease-monkey to an arguably premature climax.

At which point you might be forgiven for thinking that this short little vignette had run its course. Duke evidently has very different ideas, however; immediately making a beeline for Farlow’s gorgeous arse and very enthusiastically fingering it. Given the energy that the mechanic puts into the ensuing probe of his customer’s hungry fuck-hole, the fact that Farlow is quickly at the point of no return comes as little surprise. All the same, there’s simply no denying that the furious multi-shot flood that results is simply fucking amazing!

Scene 5: Mechanics Fuck Bareback

Cast: Thomas Dyk, Dillon Day, Samuel Boswell
Also available: Cum Twinks (Compilation)

Bottom Boys, Tooled Up Twinks

Thomas Dyk shows us exactly why everyone's raving about him, his cute dark hair and bubble butt to die for makes him stunningly sexy, and his eager ass swallows up dick like no tomorrow. Lying on the board in the workshop, he gets fucked hard by the beefy tattooed young stud, giving us a great angle to watch every inch slide in. Caught in the act by another dark haired and well endowed twink, the scene gets hotter by the second. Swallowing his dick, Thomas is getting fed cock from both ends and still manages to groan in pleasure!! Treated to a double spunking on the face, Thomas's cute mouth gets splattered, and we all love it!!

Scene 6: Secret Lunch

Cast: Jeffrey Radden, Johan Volny

Bottom Boys, Tooled Up Twinks

Staxus exclusives Jeffery and Johan team up in an awesome barebacking scene where buff Johan pushes his famous 8 inches straight into Jeffery's smooth tight hole. Johan rams Jeffery hard and fast, giving him enough meat to last a long time, sliding all the way inside and Jeffery's delicious cock responds by getting rock solid as he strokes it gently, enjoying every second. With such great positions, Jeffery dumps his load and Johan follows suit, all over Jeffery's sexy pale face dripping with cum.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult, Download Gay DVDs

Running Time: 98 mins, Year: 2008

Price: Around £15*

Starring: Johan Volny, Jeffery Radden, John Hill, Thomas Dyk, John Magiaty, Martin Corvin, Samuel Boswell, Dillon Day, Bob Farlow, Patric Ewen, Fanny Duke, Martin North

Director: Vlado Iresch

Studio: Bottom Boys

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Country: Czech Republic, Language: Czech with English subtitles

Additional info: No Regional Coding

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Bottom Boys, Dr Dick

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