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Falcon Studios: Pool Parties
(2 DVD set - 4 hours)

Falcon Studios, Pool Parties

Pool Parties: Falcon Four Hours features 12 Speedo-stretching poolside encounters featuring the combined talents of 48 horny and demanding studs. Iconic stars - including Mike Branson, Brad Patton, Jake Andrews and Eric Hanson - drinking up the sun as they indulge in a hot splash of summer sensuality. Don't miss a moment of this sultry dip into desire.

Description / Review:
Scene One- from High Tide Featuring Kyle Becker, Rod Barry, Anthony Shaw, Christopher Scott, Kristian Brooks, Travis Wade, and Jake Andrews

Falcon Studios, Pool PartiesMatthew Anders meets Jeremy Penn’s (both in non-sexual roles) buddies lounging poolside-Jake Andrews, Christopher Scott, Travis Wade, Kristian Brooks, Rod Barry, Anthony Shaw, and Kyle Becker-enjoying the sun. Christopher Scott takes on Jake Andrews and Kyle Becker; Kristian tangles with Travis, while Anthony devotes himself to servicing Rod Barry’s stiff prick. The scene becomes a frenzied orchestra of male satiation. Jake feeds Christopher a dildo, which he eagerly accepts. Travis stretches Kristian’s hole with a buttplug while Rod inches a set of latex balls into Anthony’s ass. Anthony groans ecstatically as Rod pulls the toy out... one segment after another. Rod zeroes in on Anthony’s ass, pounding it with abandon. Christopher sucks Jake as Kyle fucks him from behind while Travis buries his tool deep in Kristian’s hole. The seven studs continue fucking, sucking, stroking and pleasuring themselves until each man-urged on by his lusty mates-forcefully ejects his load, soaking in all the masculine energy.

Scene 2: from Tommy's Tale

Cast: Talvin DeMachio, Chet Roberts, Brad Patton, Clay Foxe, Bobby Williams and Tyler Gunn

Falcon Studios, Tommy's Tale

Tommy Brandt joins Brad Patton, Tyler Gunn and Bobby Williams along with Chet Roberts, Tal DeMachio and newcomer Clay Foxe poolside as they enjoy the exhilaration of a lusty group encounter. Stiff cocks probe the depths of hungry, eager throats – fingertips find their way between ass-cheeks and over the sculpted contours of their fellows.

Falcon Studios, Tommy's Tale

Duos and threesomes merge and separate before these lusty studs settle into a line to be rimmed. Finally Brad Patton buries his tool in Tommy’s ass and the group surrounds the lusty duo – working themselves into ecstasy and splattering Tommy with their urgent orgasms.

Scene Three- from Splash Shots III
Cast: Matthew Rush, Jason Hawke, Tommy Brandt and Josh Harting

Falcon Studios, Splash Shots   to Te Hilt

Charlie Moore (in a non-sexual role) warns Matthew Rush, Jason Hawke, Tommy Brandt, and Josh Harting that they’re not to fuck around while he’s on an errand. No sooner is he gone than the four studs strip their jeans and enjoy a poolside frolic. They turn to erotic play—licking, sucking, stroking and probing, making their way over each other, enjoying the heat, the flesh, stiff cocks, and puckered assholes. No cock remains unburied for long... each finding its way into an eager mouth or quivering asshole…until finally the lusty participants spill pools of gratification.

Scene Four- from Current Affairs
Featuring Mike Branson and Kyle Becker

Falcon Studios, Current Affairs, Mike Branson, Kyle Becker

Kyle Becker describes lying poolside next to the tanned Herculean form of Mike Branson. Enamored with the provocative bulge in Mike’s speedos, Kyle attempts a furtive peak…awakening the sleeping giant who quickly recognizes Kyle’s intent and has his own erotic agenda. Mike invites Kyle to take a peek and he eagerly accepts the invitation, freeing Mike’s huge thick cock from the tricot trappings. Kyle hungrily sucks Mike’s cock-filling his mouth with the bulbous head; sliding his tongue up and down the engorged shaft-burying Mike’s tool deep in his own throat. The rippled sunbathers slip off their suits and stroke their rigid cocks. They engage in a bit of swordplay, slapping their dicks against each other before Kyle kneels and offers his firm round ass for Mike’s enjoyment. Mike massages Kyle’s hole—opening him up in preparation for the inevitable and much anticipated fucking to come. Kyle begs Mike for his cock. Mike eases it in, then delivers his tool with rhythmic, ever-quickening thrusts as he plows Kyle’s hungry hole. The sun beats down as the men become lost in their erotic play. The more they play, the more they want. Mike reclines and Kyle eagerly settles down onto his erect cock, working himself into a frenzy and finally spilling his load over Mike’s chiseled abs. In a moment, Mike’s own ivory fountain completes the pool and the two satisfied men heave a sigh of release.

Scene Five- from Mercury Rising Featuring Eric Hanson, Noel Hardwick and Nick Ford

Falcon Studios, Pool PartiesWhile on his way to pay for the car, Travis Wade (in a non-sexual role) spots a heated threesome by the pool. Eric Hanson has his cock at full mast, shoving it into the mouth of Nick Ford, who also fits in handsome Noel Hardwick's piece. Ford then takes turns getting fucked by his friends.

Scene Six- from Snap Shots
Cast: Brett Michaels, Anthony LaFont and Tristan Paris

As Brett Michaels, Anthony LaFont and Tristan Paris sunbathe poolside, their cocks begin to stretch their trunks. Seeing all that wood gets these boys stroking hard…and soon every stiff cock is on display. Tristan positions himself between Brett and Anthony and sucks their cocks... tearing up as the hard pricks bury themselves deep in his throat. As the men heat up, they each take a turn pleasuring each other... sucking a little... rimming a little…stroking a little. Like sexual contortionists they group and regroup affording the best access to hard cocks and tight holes. When they’ve exhausted a multitude of positions and pounded many holes hard these sun-soaked men shoot streams of satisfaction all over each other.

Scene Seven- from The Farmer's Son Featuring Zackary Pierce, Steve Boston and Patrick Fisher

Zackary Pierce, Steve Boston and Patrick Fisher take a dip in the pool out back — without their bathing suits. Jessie begs Erik Rhodes (both in non-sexual roles) to join them, but he wisely refuses. Jessie goes after him, leaving Zackary, Steve and Patrick to their own devices and in no time the three quickly begin having sex, culminating in an impressive double-penetration and generous cumshots all around.

Scene Eight- from Man Made
Cast: Joe Sport and Marc

Falcon Studios, Man Made

It’s time to cool down with a dip in the pool, where Speedo-clad Joe Sport submits to buff Marc Williams’ huge cock.

Scene Nine- from Soaked Featuring Kevin Miles, Brett Ford, Noel Hardwick and Michael Crawford

Falcon Studios, Pool PartiesThree towering scuplted specimens of masculine perfection – Noel Hardwick, Kevin Miles and Brett Ford – are soon joined by a fourth stud – Michael Crawford – hungry for their huge cocks and balls; tight asses ripe for action; mouths and tongues sucking and fucking; rimming hungry assholes; fingers and holes; tongues and holes. The music beats on and on.

Scene 10: - from Manhandlers
Cast: Jordan West, Jeremy Penn, Bryan Williams, Eric Stone and Jeff Palmer

Falcon Studios, Manhandlers

Buds Jordan West and Bryan Williams arrange for all of their repairmen to arrive at the same time, and the poolside work soon turns into a five-man orgy that has the two servicing their help. Jeff Palmer’s cock explodes across the screen, while Jeremy Penn and Eric Stone join him in topping their bosses. Also features a hot rim chain with all five men, and memorable squirts.

Scene Eleven- from Home Grown Featuring Phil Bradley, Tyler Scott and Brandon West

Falcon Studios, Pool PartiesMagical mystery men Tyler Scott, Brandon West and Phil Bradley make the most of their hot bodies while the gardener is away. They work themselves into a frenzy and test the limits of their flesh under a smiling sun... this is a whole new erotic take on the story of Jack and his magic beans.

Scene Twelve- from Summer Reunion (Jocks Studio)
Featuring Colby Taylor, Brad Devlyn, Kyle Becker, Kristian Brooks, Brennan Foster, Joey Hart and Eric Hanson

Falcon Studios, Pool PartiesFinally, Brad Devlyn and Kyle Becker discuss the misdeeds of the past. Kyle apologizes for forcing himself onto Brad back in High School. Kyle suggests they find a way to make up, and the two horny studs are in luck, as Brennan Foster, Colby Taylor, Joey Hart and Kristian Brooks are engaged in a poolside session of speedo stretching and cock-sucking. Colby and Brennan face each other as Joey and Kristian eagerly suck their cocks... the two lusty studs exchange complicit smiles as Joey and Kristian worship their hard pricks. Brad and Kyle enter the fray, each apportioning himself to either Colby or Brennan, before the groups merges into one solid center of cock-sucking and frenetic sensuality. Each man slurps or feeds or teases or tastes as the others enjoy the heat. They settle into a line of languid cocksucking... spanning the length of the pool with their oral daisy chain. Then the men get on their hands and knees as Brad and Joey rim their tight holes one by one. Finally Eric Hanson joins the team... giving Brad first suck on his beautiful cock. As the group gives in to lust, cocks find the depths of asses and throats with a frenzy of passion. Blond Brennan fellates Eric and Kristian at the same time... and trains get pulled. Finally each man strokes himself to orgasm as his fellow alums enjoy the view of thick fountains of cum all around.

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Additional Information

Categories: UK R18 / XXX Gay Adult

Running Time: 240 mins, Year: 1994 - 2007

Price: Around £41 - £50*

Starring: Anthony Lafont, Anthony Shaw, Bobby Williams, Brad Devlyn, Brad Patton, Brandon West, Brennan Foster, Brett Ford, Brett Michaels, Bryan Williams, Charlie Moore, Chet Roberts, Christopher Scott, Clay Foxe, Colby Taylor, Eric Hanson, Eric Stone, Erik Rhodes, Jake Andrews, Jason Hawke, Jeff Palmer, Jeremy Penn, Jessie Zane, Joe Sport, Joey Hart, Jordan West, Josh Harting, Kevin Miles, Kristian Brooks, Kyle Becker, Marc Williams, Matthew Anders, Matthew Rush, Michael Crawford, Mike Branson, Nick Ford, Noel Hardwick, Patrick Fisher, Phil Bradley, Rod Barry, Steve Boston, Talvin DeMachio, Tommy Brandt, Travis Wade, Tristan Paris, Tyler Gunn, Tyler Scott, Zackary Pierce

Directors: Chi Chi LaRue, Chris Steele, John Rutherford

Studio: Falcon Studios

Buy DVDs online at: Homoactive and and RadVideo (USA)

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Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding

Also available from Falcn Studios: Overpowering Orgies
Falcon Studios, Overpowering Orgies

Two discs packed full of classic and memorably intense orgies. If you're a man who either has a fantasy of being swept up in a wild orgy, or is an avid partaker of same, here's a mighty collection of Falcon hunks sucking and fucking in all-out decadent orgies that'll have you in one prick tingling frenetic state! Your favorite Falcon super-stars cuttin' loose! Eight Scenes. Seventy-Four Hot, Horny Men.

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Also available from Falcon Studios: Young Men Of Falcon (2 DVD set - 4 hours)
Falcon Studios, Young Men Of Falcon

Young Men Of Falcon features 25 of the hottest young men from the Falcon Family, so settle back and watch these eager young studs learn all the ropes from the men dreams are made of. Full of energy, eager to learn and determined to please, these stud-pups are an inspired new generation of Falcon Men.

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Also available from Falcon Studios: Absolute Gold Taken Down Under (2 DVD set)
Falcon Studios, Absolute Gold Taken Down Under

Absolute Gold: Taken Down Under features smouldering scenes played out in the land down-under. On the beach, in the bar, aboard ship and deep in the outback, these guys get down and dirty amid some of the most spectacular scenery to be found on any continent. Sit back, settle in and enjoy the exploits of all your mates down under.

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